Saturday, July 19, 2008

Recovery of Accidentally Deleted File Is Possible!

Data Loss can be possible at any time even we have some precaution and store them in a very secure environment like files and folders. The file loss may happen at the worst possible time resulting in the loss of our precious data and information. Sometimes the files lost due to human errors itself and system malfunctions can also contribute in the loss data and manual data recovery is not possible.

The risk of critical business data lost occurs when there are no backup plans for the data recovery and the lost of business productivity occurs. It could instantly take a small of medium size business from developed business operations to out of business in an instant.

In addition to the situation of hard disk crash you may also find you files deleted by accidental deletion, virus attack, power supply failure, disk corruption. In this situation what exactly brought about and eventually results in the loss of your precious files and data....

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