Friday, September 19, 2008

Easy and Secure way to save your Images and Data Files

Every one of us knows the value of data and information which we store in our storage media like hard disk and memory cards for images and files. These devices are supposed to be the most secure and safest way of storing files and images. We can store numerous data in these devices as they consist of large amount of storage capacity.

With the large competence in the field of technology these days the quantity of well known gadgets has emerged as a boom for every one like digital Photography and Digital cameras. These cameras are very easy to use with an excellence of consistency and significance in photography. The digital camera consists of a blend of important tools and devices which communally perform the functions to capture your images and photos.

You have gone for a vacation and capture all your memorable moments in your digital camera for your future use. Unfortunately when you come across the loss or corruption of your captured image or photos. It becomes irresistible to hear that your images and files have been corrupted or deleted due to human error or accidental reasons. When you find that your memory card is no more accessible, the data and files inside the card have been deleted or missing.

Since we are humans and not robots so the accidents are always prone to us, whether it is hard drive corruption in our computer or pictures and image deletion from you digital cameras. We need to take precautions and backup for our images and pictures which we store in these flash memory cards as they can crumple at any time with out any information or alarm.

If you find that your camera is not working properly immediately stop working on it and call an expert or else it will overwrite your previous images and files and will lead you in a catastrophic situation of data loss. If you fall a victim of missing or corrupted images and photos, don’t be panic you can use any recovery software available in the market. So purchasing reliable and remarkable recovery software is a needful requirement.

Photo Recovery Software is an easy to use program which can recover lost images from corrupted or accidentally formatted digital camera memory cards. This software is the most award winning software recovers all possible picture files and images including JPG JPEG TIF GIF 3gp MPEG MIDI or any other file type stored in your digital media.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can restore images from your camera's memory card whether files were deleted; the media was corrupted or formatted. Digital Photo Recovery will then scan the target drive thoroughly and display the images.

This photo recovery software is helpful when you have lost your photo during pulling out memory card while the camera is on. The software is a GUI interface and will automatically detect the media card in the card reader and scan it thoroughly, while displaying the images that are found during the scan.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It May not be a Jet database that the application recognizes

Jet database help us to create error free database file. As it has several advance feature like fix common database error like invalid argument error. A jet database engine is underlying component of database that is collection of information. Even jet database is quite advance but due to some physical cause or system compatibility issue, we face some problem with jet database.

Sometimes we get error message when trying to access your database file. Error message like “it may not be a database that the application recognizes”. This error may come because of accessing access 97 databases in higher version or more common reason is that you are trying to connect to an Access 97 database with Access 2000 or better drives. It may be because you referenced a DSN that doesn't exist or referenced your connection correctly. It may be possible your database file is correct.

If this error is coming due to above reason then you have to follow some steps. Install latest jet database service pack. Remove incorrectly configured DSN. Now use compact and repair utility. Now u can access your database file.

If any case still your database is corrupt then use Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software. It will scan your database, will check for the error and automatically fix the error. As it supports all file versions of MS Access including Access 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007, so it is best tool for jet database recovery. It easily access repair file with 100 % guarante

Monday, September 15, 2008

Safety Precautions For Digital Photography

Digital cameras are commonly used in today’s glamorous world. It gives an easy and fast access to capture any close moment which we like to memorize in our future. These digital cameras are made perfect with the involvement of latest technology. These cameras consist of a light weighted memory card which is responsible for the storage of your beautiful photos and images.

Digital cameras provide ease of access with downloading and uploading of photos in your personal computers without having those old fashioned film rolls and then development process. The memory card inside the camera is an essential and important utility which performs the security and storage responsibility for the data saved inside the camera.

Now a day with the growing market strategy and demand for the usage of digital cameras, data loss in cameras has become common news for every one who is using these gadgets. A data loss situation is usually characterized by the sudden inability to access data involving a previously functioning memory card or backup or the accidental erasure of data or overwriting of data cards in your digital camera.

There are as many reasons for the loss of your photos and images like you accidentally reformatted your memory card, instantly deleted your photographs or you get message that you data has been corrupted of your card has malfunctions.

With these above reasons it becomes necessary for us to develop a backup for our precious photos but sometimes the backup strategy fails due to the increase in our data storage. The increase in the loss of photos and images has urged the technical experts to develop photo recovery software which can recover the whole data and files from your digital cameras.

You can find plenty and handy software for the recovery of your photo and images in the market which are efficient and useful but choosing unique and cost effective software is Wiseman work like Photo Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is the cost effective and efficient software commonly available in the market. It is pioneer recovery software ensures the fastest suitable solutions to photo and data recovery. This photo recovery software consist of latest recovery features, provides best recovery solution supporting all type of files including JPEG, GIF,JPG for picture image, photo recovery.

It includes recovery of digital media recovery, image recovery, memory stick recovery, photo rescue, digital picture recovery, flash card recovery; photo restore into one simple product. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos from various memory cards. The software is easy to operate and navigate with user friendly interface and GUI support.

Recover Seemingly Your Lost Images by Photo Recovery

If you are among the person who has lost his images or accidentally deleted precious photo and video from your digital camera. It becomes a common worse in this modern age of photography. Hundreds of people lost their valuable images every minute or become the victim of corruption of their memory cards at every second.

We usually capture photos and images on some occasions or family vacations. We capture our loving memories and snaps in these digital cameras hoping that they are absolutely safe and secure.

It is an unfortunate thing that when we face a disaster or accidentally delete our images or see a card error message-stop using the memory card. When this unexpected phenomena occurs with our digital camera, the result comes in the form of image lost or corrupted memory card, we can not access the camera review, it seems to be ourselves in big frustration and restless.

We all are humans and accidents are always with us like a shadow. There are various causes and human errors by which we lost our precious photo memories like

# When you find that our camera is not working properly it is advisable to stop shooting or else you might overwrite your other images.

# When you upload the images from your card to your computer, always follow the proper procedure to eject the card before removing it from your card reader.

# We always try to be genius and reformat our memory card every now and again. This will wipe your data, images, files. It is a good practice but it should be done after you have downloaded all your files and images for your memory card otherwise it will wipe your data for ever

# When you find that your battery backup is not sufficient for capturing photo immediately remove the old battery with a new one, it will reduce the loss of your data and stop card errors that can occur when an image is not fully written to a card.

# Always keeps an eye on your cameras physical threat like water, dust and fire. Keep your camera and card clean and dry don’t expose them to extreme temperature and always keep away your camera from magnetic fields.

# Atlast if you become a victim of losing your photos and images, don’t be panic your lost photos can be recovered by well known software called Photo Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery software is designed to recover digital photo images from media that is logically damaged as well images that you may have purposely deleted from your storage media. The software support all major files including jpg, gif, jpeg all major brand names including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji film, Kodak, Minolta, Konica, Sony for the lost picture recovery. The reliable deleted Photo Recovery Software provides user friendly interface which easily navigate the software.