Monday, September 15, 2008

Recover Seemingly Your Lost Images by Photo Recovery

If you are among the person who has lost his images or accidentally deleted precious photo and video from your digital camera. It becomes a common worse in this modern age of photography. Hundreds of people lost their valuable images every minute or become the victim of corruption of their memory cards at every second.

We usually capture photos and images on some occasions or family vacations. We capture our loving memories and snaps in these digital cameras hoping that they are absolutely safe and secure.

It is an unfortunate thing that when we face a disaster or accidentally delete our images or see a card error message-stop using the memory card. When this unexpected phenomena occurs with our digital camera, the result comes in the form of image lost or corrupted memory card, we can not access the camera review, it seems to be ourselves in big frustration and restless.

We all are humans and accidents are always with us like a shadow. There are various causes and human errors by which we lost our precious photo memories like

# When you find that our camera is not working properly it is advisable to stop shooting or else you might overwrite your other images.

# When you upload the images from your card to your computer, always follow the proper procedure to eject the card before removing it from your card reader.

# We always try to be genius and reformat our memory card every now and again. This will wipe your data, images, files. It is a good practice but it should be done after you have downloaded all your files and images for your memory card otherwise it will wipe your data for ever

# When you find that your battery backup is not sufficient for capturing photo immediately remove the old battery with a new one, it will reduce the loss of your data and stop card errors that can occur when an image is not fully written to a card.

# Always keeps an eye on your cameras physical threat like water, dust and fire. Keep your camera and card clean and dry don’t expose them to extreme temperature and always keep away your camera from magnetic fields.

# Atlast if you become a victim of losing your photos and images, don’t be panic your lost photos can be recovered by well known software called Photo Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery software is designed to recover digital photo images from media that is logically damaged as well images that you may have purposely deleted from your storage media. The software support all major files including jpg, gif, jpeg all major brand names including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji film, Kodak, Minolta, Konica, Sony for the lost picture recovery. The reliable deleted Photo Recovery Software provides user friendly interface which easily navigate the software.