Thursday, December 18, 2008

Data Loss Due To “NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart”

NTLDR is a boot loader for all Microsoft Windows NT operating system and windows XP and Vista. NTLDR allows the user to choose which operating system to boot from at the menu; for NT and NT-based operating systems, it also allows the user to pass preconfigured options to the kernel. NTLDR is an essential part of the system, that’s why you can't boot your pc without this file. When your computer starts, the BIOS attempts to find the primary hard drive's active partition to read the first sector for the master boot record it uses that info to load the rest of the OS. For Windows NT4/2k/XP the MBR is pointed to NTLDR (New Technology Loader) and it takes it from there. Sometimes when we start our PC, we can get error such as: “NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart” and our PC doesn’t boot due to this error. For Operating System to boot properly, system files required to be safe. In case of Windows NT / 2000 / XP these files are: NTLDR,, boot.ini, located at the root folder of the bootable volume, Registry files. If these files have been deleted, corrupted, damaged by virus, Windows will be unable to boot. You'll see error message "NTLDR is missing". There is lots of other cause which can lead to this error and different workaround for every cause. Here we will discuss all d cause which leads to this error message. Most common cause is your PC is trying to boot from a hard drive or flash drive that is not properly configured or from non-bootable source. In this situation you can check your bios setting and change BIOS setting to default or go to 1st first boot device option and select hard drive as your 1st boot device. 2nd possible cause is corrupt windows registry, misconfigured files or corrupt hard drive sector or Master Boot record. In this scenario you can replace your boot.ini file or you can load NTLDR file using windows XP or bootable CD. If you are using the cd or usb solution, copy the boot.ini, NTLDR, and files to My Computer > Local Disk C:\ > and overwrite whatever files might be there, then right click each file, choose properties, uncheck the Read Only attribute, and click OK. You can get rid from this error by installing new copy of windows. For this you must boot your PC with windows CD and format the system. Then you should install new copy of windows. It's possible your computer's hard disk drive may have a corrupt boot sector and/or master boot record. These can be repaired through the Microsoft Windows Recovery console by running the fixboot and fixmbr commands. If you don’t have backup of your data and you couldn’t recover your data by recovery console, you can use Stellar Phoenix data recovery software which can recover your data very easily. These softwares scan your hard drive and recover your data by various algorithms.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Do We Need Data Recovery Services

Hard disk drive (HDD are primary storage of computer, commonly referred to as a hard drive, hard disk, or fixed disk drive. It is a non volatile device which stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating magnetic surface. Hard Drive is an important component of computer. Every HDD company has some replacement warranty in case of defective hard drive or hard drive crash. But what about data stored in it. No HDD company will provide you lost data. Here I am giving you the solution and purpose of this article is to cover a few backup options along with the cost associated with it. I'm willing to bet that every one smart enough to find this article has a CD burner on there computer. Right there you have no excuse for not backing up your files, but it is time consuming. The CDs need to organize to some extent and they are susceptible to scratches, nicks and heat. So while it is an option, it is not too practical. So in the long run, I hope you can see how practical the time and money it takes to keep your own data backed up is. There is no guarantee that when you wake up in the morning your hard drive will wake up with you. So do yourself a favor and take action sooner then later. While there are many more may to back up your hard drive, here is the part that floors people. While there are many more may to back up your hard drive, here is the part that floors people. In case of data loss you can use data recovery software which will definitely repair your HDD and recover your lost data. But what if the heads crash or it does not spin at all or the BIOS does not see it? Then it needs to go to a clean room for physical repair and here introduce data recovery services. You can find multiple data recovery service companies though an Internet search. If not, you will have to send your hard drive off to the data recovery service of your choice, where it will have its head, or, at least its memory, examined. Stellar Phoenix is a most valuable data recovery company which provides data recovery services. Stellar Information Systems Ltd is the Market Leader in providing Hard Disk Data Recovery services from all Operating Systems including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, UNIX, LINUX, Windows'95, Windows'98, Windows ME, MS-DOS, DR-DOS, Mac, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Novell NetWare.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Data Recovery from Failed Hard Disc Drive

Today we require high capacity storage device to store our important data. Every desktop PC, notebook, Laptop or server contains one more hard disk drive. Even mainframe and supercomputer connected through hundred of hard drives. Hard drive gives computers the ability to remember and permanent store the data when the power goes out. It is the primary storage location where data is permanently stored.

Inside a hard drive you can see platters, head actuator, head arms, etc. Hard drive connected with PC with help of ATA or SCSI cable. HDD controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, so any physical or logical damage leads to whole data loss and misleading your operating system.

Hard drive is a fragile device and damage in hard drive may affect that you will not able to boot your PC and make inaccessible your data and important information stored in PC or laptop. Just imagine, one of your partitions is crashed, and as there are some hardware errors, you don’t want to write to this hard disk any more. The main causes of hard drive corruption or boot disc failure are improper shutdown, virus attack, physical damage, malwares and bad sectors. Hard drive fails when you experience a non-system disk error due to BIOS is unable to locate hard drive sectors and master boot records.

You must take some precautions to avoid these problems. Never open hard drive cover, always use antivirus softwares to protect your PC and avoid from physical damage. Never close programs unexpectedly because data is written on the drives by one or more read/write heads that are designed to manipulate magnetic particles on the disk surface. Properly shutdown your PC or laptop after use. Hard drive failure may occur due to bad sectors is a sector on disk drive that can’t be used by drive due hard drive damage or virus attack. You can check for these sectors using CHKDSK and SCANDSK utility. Worst case is that after all precaution you suffer data loss or hard drive corruption due to theses bad sectors.

In this case of hard drive corruption you need professional data recovery help. To make usable these sectors you have to rewrite these data or re-write with zero filled data. This can be done using some data recovery software which can read data from bad sector and rewrite its sectors.

Stellar is a professional data recovery service provider in last decade. Stellar Phoenix data recovery software recovers your system files and hard drive data using strong algorithm. It search for partition and locate it for successful recovery. This software works on advance algorithm to perform recovery process and has lots of options.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What To Do in Case Of Disk Boot Failure or Boot Sector Corrupt

Computer and Internet technology are most popular in these days and most of us are Windows users. So that the horror of corruption problems on a Windows OS becomes a part of computer uses. We store information in hard drive which is the building block of a computer system. It stores data and information at a very large extent. We all know the value of data which we store in our computers. If somehow the hard disk crashes or data get corrupted or deleted, it leads us in a panic position.

Once an early morning you want to work on your computer and you found that your computer is not working showing the error “disk boot failure” what does this mean exactly? You only see the black screen showing disk boot failure or your pc starts to hang or reboot. You try to insert Win XP (bootable) CD but it won’t able to install new XP on disk to access your hard disk and you feel like you have lost your data.

You have tried all the possible options for the past hour such as unhooking everything from the motherboard plugging it back in, changing boot priority settings in bios, swapping hard drives, completely taking out all the drives or each drive once at a time and nothing happens after that.

Basically disk failure means that your fat boot sector is corrupted or deleted and your computer can not find the operating system to boot from the windows operating system. There are various reasons that causes disk boot failure like

  • Boot options are not set properly in CMOS

  • All boot devices set are not bootable

  • Non bootable CD or CD-R in computer

First of all go into the bios and make sure the hard drive is being detected, also check the boot order to be sure it's listed prior to the network boot option. You need to verify that the boot options with in the CMOS are set properly. You can also go into the BIOS setting and check the configuration.

Finally if you could not resolve the problem and want to get back your data or recovery your hard drive, you can use partition or data recovery software to recover data from a boot sector that has been corrupted or deleted.

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software will repair your boot error in just a few minutes. You can put your trust in Partition Recovery and know that you'll get everything back the way it was. It protects your computer data loss and is capable to recover your lost or deleted files and folders from the windows operating system.

Partition recovery tool is user friendly, nondestructive utility that helps user to restore its deleted useful data and information from virus infected or corrupted hard disk. Partition Recovery for Windows will help you if non-system partition is lost--you can boot Windows, install and run the software from under Windows Operating System.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Data Backup: An asset to avoid data loss

As computing becomes more mobile and user autonomy grows, users face greater challenges in protecting critical data spread across vast numbers of PC hard drives. Data is the heart of the enterprise, it's crucial for us to protect it. People do not realize the amount of work computers do for us in every day life. We can store a lot of data like important files, photos, documents, records, in HDD which is a storage media in computers.

As we all know data is fragile it can be loss at any time without any indication. when we loss our data in case of hard disk crash, system failure or natural disaster, we loss important files and information which leaves us in ruin.

In this situation well computer professional always used to back up their data. Backup is the process of having duplicate copy of the original one. It is the best practice to prevent data loss. Backup is a continual development process to help seamlessly protect you business and data. We can backup our data on Medias like external hard drive, remote backup service optical disk like CD, DVD etc.

Backing up of our data is an important aspect of securing our data from the unwanted data loss and disaster accidents. Sometimes we went for a holiday or out of home, we forget to backup our data or we don’t think of backing up of our data considering it a time consuming process which results in the loss of our valuable data and information.

Now with the growing progress in the field of technology we need not to worry about data loss because we have available data recovery software’s in the market. We would like to try and do some type of incremental replication. Selecting remarkable and valuable data recovery software is a great job to do.

Data Recovery Software recovers your lost files and folders by reconstruction of the data which is placed back into the original format. It can bring back files that you accidentally delete from your recycle bin. The goal of Data Recovery is perfection not losing a single byte of information. Using the Data Recovery Software you simply choose what you want to do, and the software does the work, with no technical knowledge required at all.

Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery has all the above features. This Non Destructive and Read-only software helps you to recover your data lost due to accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction, file deletion, directory deletion, unexpected shutdown, or even sabotage.

It is likely observed that when you act fast you will get the results as quickly as possible. So don’t wait until you lost your data, always make a backup of your data else make sure your data is safe and secure in the hands of data recovery experts.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to Control severe photo and Image Disaster

Photo and Image loss is one of the most devastating observations in this glamorous world. The use of digital cameras and photo capturing gadgets is scattering very rapid these days. Every one wants to capture beautiful memorable moment of their vacations, tours, family parties etc.

The reason behind the photographic hobbies is the real new technological gadgets like digital cameras which are fast and easy to use. These digital cameras are reliable and having a tremendous consistency in photography. The digital cameras are supposed to be the most secure and safest way storing data and image file. The storing capacity in these cameras is very large having more than 2GB expandable memory card.

The memory card is the soul of a digital camera which is responsible for storing photo and images after capturing them and automatically saved in the card inside the camera. You can save hundreds of photos and image file in these cameras and can transfer them into your personal computer for your future use.

There may be some auspicious occasions when you want to capture your photo with your newly digital camera. Accidentally you find that your camera is not responding to its normal functioning. You get panic and frustrating as the occasion passes without capturing any fine-looking moment.

There might be a number of reasons for your cameras not working like deletion or corruption may occur without your prior knowledge. The memory card inside the camera may become corrupted or failed to preview the images. Sometimes we try to be over smart and reformat our memory card every now and again.

Now the problem arises when we come across these disastrous situations we need to keep patience and keep our mind widely open. We should always keep an eye on our cameras physical as well as logical treat like water, dust, corruption and deletion.

In this technological world we have a number of solutions to recover the data loss and the best solution is Photo Recovery Software. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is designed to recover digital photo images from media that is logically damaged as well images that you may have purposely deleted from your storage media. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos from various memory cards.

This Photo recovery software can quickly restore still photos from major removable media like Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Casio, Kodak, Minolta and Konica. This software consists of very easy and friendly GUI (Graphical User interface) interface which facilitates a user to operate this software very easily. One of the major aspect of this software is that it Recover image files even if “Drives not detected” or “Drive not formatted”.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to Zero Hard Drive Data: Wipe Your Drive

Leaving data on a computer is an extremely risky thing to do for a number of reasons. On a personal level it can help a criminal steal your identity which can lead to financial loss. Just because you delete something doesn't mean it's no longer there. Before you throw out an old hard drive or sell your old computer you will need to wipe your hard drive. Wiping your hard drive involves cleaning out or deleting personal files and applications.

A common assumption is that deleting or formatting a hard drive will be enough but in fact the data is still recoverable. There are a number of methods to “delete” data from a computer's hard drive (e.g., highlighting a file and pressing the Delete key, or emptying a recycle bin or trash folder, using system utilities to reformat the disk). These methods do not remove the data; they simply make space available for the system to use when next required. The data remains on the disk. Data Recovery tools can be used to restore the data.

Formatting your hard drive doesn’t mean complete removal of data. An ordinary hard drive reformat will not erase your data! Your hard drive is full of personal information that can be accessed by data recovery programs even after you reformat a hard drive. Reformatting the hard drive cleans out the Windows registry and removes any problem-causing files. Reformat the hard drive to return your computer to its original configuration.

The contents of file remain on the free space of your hard drive until overwritten by new data. On the Internet there are hundreds of data recovery programs that allow anyone with basic computer skills to recover these deleted files. There are disk wiping utilities and programs available that will erase data if correctly used. Some programs erase the entire disk, while others allow you to select which files or folders to erase.

These Hard drive wipe software erase your hard drive by over writing the data. The information on your hard disk is written in just zeros and ones, known as binary. A special type of file on the disk, called a directory, indicates which groupings of binary digits constitute files. If you erase a disk by doing a quick initialization, the disk's directory is emptied. Zeroing data takes the erasure process to the next level by converting all binary in the empty portion of the disk to zeros, a state that might be described as digitally blank. These types of utilities simply overwrite the existing data on the drive with random "0"s, "1"s, or both...binary gibberish.

You should select drive wipe software that can wipe entire hard drive at the same time rather than selecting the particular files for wiping using Zeroing the data. Stellar Drive Wipe is one of them and powerful, robust drive wipe software that completely wipes hard drive data using advanced data wiping algorithms. Stellar Disk Wipe erases the data beyond recovery. It comes in a bootable CD that erases all the data including system files without installing it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

"Record set is not updateable” Error in Access

In Microsoft Access, you can bind an Access form to an ADO recordset that is using data from an Oracle or SQL database. If you want to update the form, you must make sure that both requirements met such as The ADO connection that is used by the recordset must use Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle and The ADO recordset must be opened as a client-side cursor. When you try to programmatically edit records in an access table by using an ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) recordset in a Microsoft Office Access database project, you may not be able to edit the records.

There could be many things that cause these behaviors as If the form is based on a query that is not updatable, you will not be able to modify data on the form done with your database or the query or the form is based on a linked table that does not have a primary key or a unique index and This happens when the field you are trying to change comes from a table without a key field joined to another table in the query. It may be possible your database is corrupted or virus affected but we will discuss it later. Let’s work around with above errors.

To fix this error review any table design changes you might have made change key fields, remove key fields, replaced table with one from another db. If it is then change it in original form. You can install new latest Microsoft Data Access Components which fix many errors because sometime it cause due to version issues. You can try compact the database, and if that doesn't help try recreating the query: open it in SQL view; copy and paste the SQL text to Notepad; delete the query; create a new query and paste the SQL back or you can go for this method. First open the database and check the user and group permissions via tools on the menu. Make sure that the objects (Tables) you want to update have the update permission checked. Secondly Ensure the table owner is you or admin and not the person who developed.

If still you are getting this message it points toward database corruption. You should use compact and repair utility but in critically damaged file compact and repair utility doesn’t support. Now you need a good Access Repair utility. You can search lots of repair utility on internet. I know one recover utility which is Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery tools. This access recovery software helps you to repair database file. It fixes errors in recordset and errors that cause database corruption in mdb file. This mdb repair or access repair utility supports every version of Microsoft access as Access 97, 2000, 2002/XP, 2003 and 2007

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reliable Way to Recover Deleted Files

We are living in a new world equipped with technology and gadgets. Day by day we are looking for more advance technologies. Everyone wants to store your important files and data in secure way. We rely on computers for storing our precious data and documents which is safe and secure for our data storage. The data is stored in files and folders on the hard drive. When we open an application for our daily work and every time we click “save as” that file is written to an area of the hard disk. Each stored file has a "pointer" assigned to it. These pointers are used by the operating system to locate where that piece of data resides on the hard drive.

Sometimes we accidentally delete an important file or folder which contains program files, records, presentation documents and important data for our business productivity. If we use only DEL command from the DOS command prompt our files goes directly into the Recycle Bin and there is a good chance to recover our files by double clicking the recycle bin, your file will be restored back to its original location on the hard drive but incase of using del+shift command or hard drive crash we loss our file for ever. So that file recovery is not possible. It's the same thing that happens when you empty the Recycle Bin or the Trash folder.

The file you deleted occupied space. You erased it, but it's really still there, files don’t get deleted permanently, actually these deleted files are available on you hard drive only your operating system cannot access these file because the address of the file has been deleted from the file system. Now the question arises is there a Way to Recover Deleted Files?

Yes it is possible to recover deleted files and the solution is Data Recovery Software. Stellar Phoenix File Recovery Software can recover your data or files.

File Recovery Software is a quick and effective way to restore accidentally deleted files. It can also recover files that have been emptied from the Recycle Bin, permanently deleted files within Windows using the Shift + Delete, and files that have been deleted from within a Command Prompt. The Advanced file recovery provides a great variety of specialized filters that allow you to find and work closely with specific deleted information and files.

File Recovery is a powerful utility which will recover deleted files, including documents, graphics, digital camera photographs, Zip files, email, music, video and more. It will bring back files emptied from the Recycle Bin, from a formatted disk, lost due to a system crash. File Recovery Software is compatible with Windows XP and works with FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS5 file-systems. It provides hierarchical organization to files, information about those files, and management of space to where those files physically reside on the hard drive. Once you purchase File Recovery Software you can use it over and over again.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Master Boot Record Failure or Partition table Causes Data Loss

In the world of mainframes and microchips everyone that uses a computer always know the value of data stored on the hard drive of a computer. Computer data is one the most precious assets and is a bigger part of our life than ever before.On an early morning you start your computer for your daily work unfortunately you found that your hard disk is not recognized by your OS until it was working quit fine since last night .you only hear the hard disk spinning and the pc fan, but get nothing more. You use your all knoppix and other methods to access your hard disk but all goes in vain.

In windows based operating systems the computer starts with a small program that is executed when a computer boots up. This program called Master Boot Record MBR which is fundamentally utilized to hold information about the structure and function of the disk including the location of saved data. These volumes contain machine codes responsible for the booting process of the computer and layers of separation called partitions. When this section of your pc gets corrupted or damaged you will probably get a reading Error message for the MBR.

It is likely that when your partition is damaged or corrupts due to virus attack, hard disk failure or corrupt partition table caused by the faulty manipulation of the Master Boot Record (MBR). A corrupt partition table will often result in loss of data and the inability to boot from a drive or the loss of access to a certain partition.

In various cases where access to an entire disk or partition is lost, is often caused by damage to Meta structures such as the MBR, Partition Tables or the Boot Sector of an individual partition.

Now the situation arises whether the data can be recovered from the corrupted MBR or partition table damaged?

Yes it can be recovered with help of Data Recovery software which is an ultimate solution to data loss when you experience a drive error. This powerful and easy to use tool will automatically checks and repairs the master boot record, partition table and any windows related error. Partition Recovery Software recover data lost after accidental formats, software corruption and virus problems or from formatted missing partitions supporting NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 file system.

This Software with advanced features recovers storage media including all, IDE, SATA, EIDE disk media and storage media and provides multi storage support to hard disks.

It has an enhanced recovery support to virus affected disk drives. Data Recovery is designed to restore files and folders when emptied recycle bin or content deleted permanently using shift+delete keys. It recovers your key files or directories folders which are lost, formatted or deleted. Corrupted MBR or MR is not the cause of worries, if you have this smart tool.

RAID Recovery Process

You can get much greater capacities, avoid losing data from disk failure, and do all that at reasonable cost using a technology called Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID. Servers usually function without manual intervention and they are expected to work almost constantly, therefore, RAID is used. This term defines a computer data storage scheme that divides and also replicates data among varied hard disks. In a RAID, the different physical hard disks are combined into a single logical unit by using a special hardware or software.

The three key RAID concepts are:

  • · Mirroring - that of copying data on to different disks in the array
  • · Striping - the splitting of data in more than one disk, and finally
  • · Error correction - redundant data is stored for error detection if the need arises

RAID systems are designed to work reliably; therefore, they are ideally suited for servers. However, at times, RAID array also fail and data recovery from a (RAID) server is a complicated process.

Data loss usually induces panic. Losing data from a RAID server necessitates an important precaution. The disk array order should not be changed. Even if they are removed from the server, they should be placed back in the same order and the data recovery experts must be contacted.

As RAID system provides the inbuilt data protection, for that businesses are looking for to prevent data loss, most businesses count on it. It protects the computer data and help users in avoiding the downtime that accompanies data loss. Many businesses and individual users bank on it to house their mission vital data like business system data (back office, emails, large databases etc) and financial data. However, as it is the case with all technologies, nothing is fail-safe, including RAID drives.

What happens when there is a main issue with the RAID systems that leads the inaccessible data? Though RAID systems are specially designed to safeguard against data loss, they are at rest susceptible to complete system failures if all the drives face problems at same time. Further problems with RAID may occur when RAID controllers do not recognize the disks in the array or if a disk is detached from a hot swappable disk bay and the new disk is swapped in incorrect order. The main thing is that, like a single hard disk system, RAID system can also face the problems and can lead to data loss. But the main difference is, with the RAID failure, the problem can plainly spoilt the business or can halt work because the data written on RAID array is generally business critical.

Unluckily, after facing the RAID malfunction, several businesses give up the hope that the data is inaccessible and there is no chance of recovery. When the RAID failure occurs, most think that it is the end of line for the data- if RAID is broken then there is no method for data recovery. This is simply wrong and businesses need to understand that there are options to recover data. Data Recovery service provider experts can fix this king of data loss problems.

Data recovery service providers are the companies that provide the recovery of the data that are lost due to hardware malfunction. In the case of RAID systems these recovery services can recover data from failed RAID drives. These companies have specially designed data recovery labs, called Clean Room, to recover the lost data with their expert and high technical staff.

Stellar Information Systems is a leading data recovery service provider company that provides data recovery solution through the world. The company can recover data from failed RAID drives

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The immense price of Data Loss in Digital World

Today’s uncomplicated technology has emerged as a boom for digital world. The introduction of new compact type flash memory cards which can store data up to several GB. The quality memory cards which consists of high speed data storage and robustness has certainly attract the new generation very fast. With the digital camera in your hand you capture the images and photos of your family get-together, vacations, everywhere you may be grapping your camera to capture the perfect photo in your gallery. These digital cameras are really easy to use with the consistency and value in photography. But we always forget that the data loss may also occur in digital cameras like hard drive data loss, which when occurs puts us in the trauma of restless mind and frustration. The data loss in digital cameras is often a big disastrous and can cost a heavy business architecture loss, documentation of morphological data as well as individual loss of data and images. Losing such precious and valuable pictures and images could place in a distress and horrible moment. The data and images could be lost in various forms like if you have saved your images in your computer or laptop and accidentally your hard disk becomes corrupted or crashed. You may not be able to access your valuable images and photos which you have collected from a longer time. Another reason for your images loss is the flash memory card which is the central functional part of a camera in which all data is being stored after you capture your precious memories. If the memory card is not functioning properly and showing errors on capturing or saving your photos, it will ultimately lead to a heavy data loss and image loss. The external situations or physical factors like virus attack, human error, dust or fire can also be the cause of your images and photo missing. If your computer is attacked by any virus or system malfunction can also be cause of your images loss. Therefore it is recommended to backup your images and photos until and unless you will face the disastrous loss of your beautiful images and photos. Sometimes your backup did not work out and you find yourself in painful condition. You need not to worry there is a remedy for your problem and the solution is Photo Recovery Software. Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software is an easy to use program that allows you to recover your lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted files from your cameras or memory cards. The software will recover jpg photos from formatted memory cards, deleted photos and recover photos from corrupt memory cards This software supports almost all memory card types like SD card, CF card, XD picture card, memory stick and more. The photo recovery software is designed by professional experts and developers to provide a user friendly operation for all users. It can also recover files lost due to virus attack and electronic failure. This software need not require any previous technical knowledge.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avoid Hard Drive Crash to Prevent Data Loss

If you work with computers for a long time you may know the value of hard drive which is the most significant part of a computer. Data we store on computers is actually stored on the hard drive having wide storage capacity. They offer faster speeds for performance and can keep terabytes of data in millions files.

Hard Disk crash is worst scenario than any other drive failure because the most recent and critical data is more likely to be stored on the hard drive. Data becomes suddenly inaccessible and results in the loss of business productivity. There are various reasons that hard disk crashes and leads to a disaster and loss of our precious data and information.

It may be physical or logical causes such as:

  • Scored or scratched platters
  • Read/Write arm failure
  • Hard disk motor failure
  • Power Surge
  • Head crash, i.e. heads touching and damaging surface of disk
  • Corrupted registry files or system files.
  • Accidentally deleted files

When these situations occur during hard disk crash you need some precautions to be taken after hard disk crash disaster like”

Shutdown your computer immediately if you find something wrong with your computer

Don’t continue to power up because it may do more damage.

Do not attempt to recover data yourself on severely traumatized drives

Never tries to format the drive yourself.

Avoid actions that further degrade the situation of your data loss.

Use Hard Drive Recovery Software.

With the advanced hard drive recovery software you can recover your data without any panic. Hard Drive Recovery software is specifically designed for the recovery of deleted or inaccessible data stored on damaged media like magnetic disks and computer hard drives; optical devices. The hard disk failure has increased the value for Data recovery or hard drive recovery software which provides an efficient, fast and affordable solution for hard disk crash. Always remember that a hard drive crash does not imply that the data is lost permanently. It is very essential that you do not panic under such circumstances and seek technical assistance if you cannot get the computer running again.

Prevent Loss of Photo Memories-Use Photo Recovery Software

The time has passed in which the most memorable photos and images were used in films and then developed to the get the photos perfectly seen. Now in this modern age we rarely use an old fashioned camera for capturing our photos. Those old cameras had been replaced by the introduction of Digital Photo Cameras in the market.

These cameras are really easy to use with a reputation for excellence, reliability and value in the field of photography. The digital cameras consist of various important devices which collectively perform the simple and stylish way to get your photos and images. They also consist of a flash memory card which is the central part of a camera in which all data is being stored after capturing your family and friends photos.

Suddenly when the flash memory card becomes inaccessible due to some physical or environmental factors like virus attack, memory card corrupted corruptions, and accidental deletion. This situation results in the loss of your precious data and images from your digital cameras. The loss of your photos puts you in the trauma of restless mind and frustration which ultimately affects your wealth and peace of mind.

The photos could also disappear from your personal computers because these electronic images are much more vulnerable than traditional albums. If your computer malfunctions or attacked by any virus or corruption of the drive, the entire photo gallery could be deleted or corrupted and results in the loss of your data and photos.

Another data loss is the photo memory card corruption which is the most disastrous. These memory cards form the most accidents, deletion or missing of your photos. The human error is also responsible for the loss of data as we are not aware about the latest functionalities of various digital cameras and trying to be expert, which ultimately results in the loss of images and photos.

Now with the latest technology developed in the field of photography there is almost possibility of lost/deleted photo files by photo recovery software. Actually digital images are stored on memory cards as a file. When you delete a file or image the space in which the image was stored is not basically erased and the space is available but the system or camera does not recognize it though the image is still present on the card..

Photo recovery Software recovers and restores pictures and other files and folders deleted due to corrupted memory card, virus attack or other reason including accidental removal of memory card being pulled out while the device was on.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software salvage files when lost due to formatted or “delete all” operations. This software supports all major type of memory card including Compact flash, secure digital card, PDA, PC Card. The Photo Recovery Software recovers data after formatting, accidental deletion or any type of logical corruption error, also recovers memory cards and restores digital pictures from hard disks.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Easy and Secure way to save your Images and Data Files

Every one of us knows the value of data and information which we store in our storage media like hard disk and memory cards for images and files. These devices are supposed to be the most secure and safest way of storing files and images. We can store numerous data in these devices as they consist of large amount of storage capacity.

With the large competence in the field of technology these days the quantity of well known gadgets has emerged as a boom for every one like digital Photography and Digital cameras. These cameras are very easy to use with an excellence of consistency and significance in photography. The digital camera consists of a blend of important tools and devices which communally perform the functions to capture your images and photos.

You have gone for a vacation and capture all your memorable moments in your digital camera for your future use. Unfortunately when you come across the loss or corruption of your captured image or photos. It becomes irresistible to hear that your images and files have been corrupted or deleted due to human error or accidental reasons. When you find that your memory card is no more accessible, the data and files inside the card have been deleted or missing.

Since we are humans and not robots so the accidents are always prone to us, whether it is hard drive corruption in our computer or pictures and image deletion from you digital cameras. We need to take precautions and backup for our images and pictures which we store in these flash memory cards as they can crumple at any time with out any information or alarm.

If you find that your camera is not working properly immediately stop working on it and call an expert or else it will overwrite your previous images and files and will lead you in a catastrophic situation of data loss. If you fall a victim of missing or corrupted images and photos, don’t be panic you can use any recovery software available in the market. So purchasing reliable and remarkable recovery software is a needful requirement.

Photo Recovery Software is an easy to use program which can recover lost images from corrupted or accidentally formatted digital camera memory cards. This software is the most award winning software recovers all possible picture files and images including JPG JPEG TIF GIF 3gp MPEG MIDI or any other file type stored in your digital media.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can restore images from your camera's memory card whether files were deleted; the media was corrupted or formatted. Digital Photo Recovery will then scan the target drive thoroughly and display the images.

This photo recovery software is helpful when you have lost your photo during pulling out memory card while the camera is on. The software is a GUI interface and will automatically detect the media card in the card reader and scan it thoroughly, while displaying the images that are found during the scan.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It May not be a Jet database that the application recognizes

Jet database help us to create error free database file. As it has several advance feature like fix common database error like invalid argument error. A jet database engine is underlying component of database that is collection of information. Even jet database is quite advance but due to some physical cause or system compatibility issue, we face some problem with jet database.

Sometimes we get error message when trying to access your database file. Error message like “it may not be a database that the application recognizes”. This error may come because of accessing access 97 databases in higher version or more common reason is that you are trying to connect to an Access 97 database with Access 2000 or better drives. It may be because you referenced a DSN that doesn't exist or referenced your connection correctly. It may be possible your database file is correct.

If this error is coming due to above reason then you have to follow some steps. Install latest jet database service pack. Remove incorrectly configured DSN. Now use compact and repair utility. Now u can access your database file.

If any case still your database is corrupt then use Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software. It will scan your database, will check for the error and automatically fix the error. As it supports all file versions of MS Access including Access 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007, so it is best tool for jet database recovery. It easily access repair file with 100 % guarante

Monday, September 15, 2008

Safety Precautions For Digital Photography

Digital cameras are commonly used in today’s glamorous world. It gives an easy and fast access to capture any close moment which we like to memorize in our future. These digital cameras are made perfect with the involvement of latest technology. These cameras consist of a light weighted memory card which is responsible for the storage of your beautiful photos and images.

Digital cameras provide ease of access with downloading and uploading of photos in your personal computers without having those old fashioned film rolls and then development process. The memory card inside the camera is an essential and important utility which performs the security and storage responsibility for the data saved inside the camera.

Now a day with the growing market strategy and demand for the usage of digital cameras, data loss in cameras has become common news for every one who is using these gadgets. A data loss situation is usually characterized by the sudden inability to access data involving a previously functioning memory card or backup or the accidental erasure of data or overwriting of data cards in your digital camera.

There are as many reasons for the loss of your photos and images like you accidentally reformatted your memory card, instantly deleted your photographs or you get message that you data has been corrupted of your card has malfunctions.

With these above reasons it becomes necessary for us to develop a backup for our precious photos but sometimes the backup strategy fails due to the increase in our data storage. The increase in the loss of photos and images has urged the technical experts to develop photo recovery software which can recover the whole data and files from your digital cameras.

You can find plenty and handy software for the recovery of your photo and images in the market which are efficient and useful but choosing unique and cost effective software is Wiseman work like Photo Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is the cost effective and efficient software commonly available in the market. It is pioneer recovery software ensures the fastest suitable solutions to photo and data recovery. This photo recovery software consist of latest recovery features, provides best recovery solution supporting all type of files including JPEG, GIF,JPG for picture image, photo recovery.

It includes recovery of digital media recovery, image recovery, memory stick recovery, photo rescue, digital picture recovery, flash card recovery; photo restore into one simple product. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos from various memory cards. The software is easy to operate and navigate with user friendly interface and GUI support.

Recover Seemingly Your Lost Images by Photo Recovery

If you are among the person who has lost his images or accidentally deleted precious photo and video from your digital camera. It becomes a common worse in this modern age of photography. Hundreds of people lost their valuable images every minute or become the victim of corruption of their memory cards at every second.

We usually capture photos and images on some occasions or family vacations. We capture our loving memories and snaps in these digital cameras hoping that they are absolutely safe and secure.

It is an unfortunate thing that when we face a disaster or accidentally delete our images or see a card error message-stop using the memory card. When this unexpected phenomena occurs with our digital camera, the result comes in the form of image lost or corrupted memory card, we can not access the camera review, it seems to be ourselves in big frustration and restless.

We all are humans and accidents are always with us like a shadow. There are various causes and human errors by which we lost our precious photo memories like

# When you find that our camera is not working properly it is advisable to stop shooting or else you might overwrite your other images.

# When you upload the images from your card to your computer, always follow the proper procedure to eject the card before removing it from your card reader.

# We always try to be genius and reformat our memory card every now and again. This will wipe your data, images, files. It is a good practice but it should be done after you have downloaded all your files and images for your memory card otherwise it will wipe your data for ever

# When you find that your battery backup is not sufficient for capturing photo immediately remove the old battery with a new one, it will reduce the loss of your data and stop card errors that can occur when an image is not fully written to a card.

# Always keeps an eye on your cameras physical threat like water, dust and fire. Keep your camera and card clean and dry don’t expose them to extreme temperature and always keep away your camera from magnetic fields.

# Atlast if you become a victim of losing your photos and images, don’t be panic your lost photos can be recovered by well known software called Photo Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery software is designed to recover digital photo images from media that is logically damaged as well images that you may have purposely deleted from your storage media. The software support all major files including jpg, gif, jpeg all major brand names including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji film, Kodak, Minolta, Konica, Sony for the lost picture recovery. The reliable deleted Photo Recovery Software provides user friendly interface which easily navigate the software.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In what cases do you need Photo Recovery Software?

These days it becomes common news that people had complaint about photographs to go missing. The digital cameras which we use now a day are often open to vulnerable things like corruption, deletion which results in the loss of your photos. It is a general query that people format the SD card and loss the photos. Your digital file and photos becomes inaccessible and you may lose the access control of your digital camera.

When you press a wrong key button of your camera, and they are all gone for ever or sometimes you press a deletion button when you connect your memory card to your PC .You may get error with your newly purchased flash memory card or accidentally formatting your drive were you had saved your precious and beautiful photos and images.

However ever body loves digital cameras because they are easy to use and there is no film or developing cost involved, but the biggest fear and threat with these digital cameras is the loss or missing of your photos and images.

As we all use these digital cameras for capturing our family vacation or friends party and save them in our computers for being memorable ever even if we are not any professional photographers. But when the accident and corruption occurs in our cameras, it persuades us to thing about its precautions and recovery strategies.

  • In case of Deletion: when you have accidentally delete your photos at random by selecting “delete all”.
  • In case of format: when you have formatted your digital cameras by mistakenly.
  • In case of Human Error and Physical Damage: when you have turned your camera off although it was in saving process.
  • The damage occurs when you dropped your camera in water or fire.

With the modern technology in the field of photography we can recover our photos and images with the help of Photo Recovery Software which is available in the market but choosing valuable and efficient recovery software is a great deal.

Photo Recovery Software is fast, efficient and intelligent tool with an easy to use interface. This software is designed with the aim to retrieve the lost, missing, corrupted, accidentally deleted, formatted or damaged digital flash memory. You can retrieve pictures and images which have been permanently deleted from your storage device using Shift+Del key or emptied recycle bin.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is very easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge. You don’t to be a computer expert; you just start the software and tell it where to look. The best part of this software is that it has graphical user interface which makes this software much easier to access.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You can Get Back Your Precious Photos

Just Imagine a digital photo camera can store more than 500 pictures at a single time and can be used further without any interference of external memory. The digital camera consists of a memory card which is responsible for the storage of hundreds of pictures your camera. This small device can upload your key pictures and files to other digital devices.

When you have captured your family pictures or your marriage snaps on your media card so that you can transfer them in your computer for future usage. Suddenly you find that your media card is not responding well and showing the error message ‘media card not valid’ this would be enough to make your precious and memorable moments sunk. This situation can be occurred same with your hard disk where you had already saved your pictures and images.

Ultimately you find that you are not accessible to your photos and images which you have saved just before a few minutes. Your priceless memories you thought you had conserved are gone. The moment you realize that your all precious data is deleted, corrupted or not accessible would be the most painful and heart sunk moment.

The data can be lost due to many unknown reason like human errors, mistakenly formatted memory card, defective backup components or devices. The most worst and highly data loss occurs in the flash memory cards. As we know the flash memory cards are the non-volatile memory that can be electrically erased and rewrite, so it clears that the data loss can be occurred frequently in the memory card.

Another reason is the wear and tear of cameras, although if you are well aware about wearing your protective straps and replacing your lens caps after use. You can never be careful in your quest to prevent shock damages. Also it is obvious that you never care for the strong magnetic field which damages the digital media on exposure.

Now with the modern technology even if you have loss significant photos, images or data, it is more possible in this fast growing technological world that you may be able to retrieve seemingly unrecoverable data files. For the recovery of your precious data you may need the help of a professionally expert data recovery technologist.

If you are not technically sound the important thing is that what you choose has an efficient and competitive reputation in the market and has the ability to recover your all data like Photo Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is the most versatile and efficient recovery software which can recover of all lost, deleted and formatted photo's and files on all media. This software can recover deleted photos created by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Epson, Fuji, Kodak, Sony and other photo cameras. The photo Recovery software experts can understand the importance of your data photos and images and assured you that the security of your confidential information.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Data Recovery an Important Asset for Business

The data is the most important and valuable thing in today’s life. We often store data in hard disks which can store millions of data. The data is a fragile which can be lost at any time. There are various major trends in data loss today, representing industry-wide shifts in technology and market rules and behavior.

On some day during an accidental deletion or hardware failure your computer disks become unreadable. In the event of a hard disk crash or system malfunction we lost data which makes us panic and ultimately increases the risk of data loss. The internal or mechanical component in a hard drive must work with greater precision.

Data loss could occur owing to logical damage to the file system causing incomplete writing and consequent inability of the operating system to display results correctly, poor backup policies or their improper implementation of the policies, Natural disasters like fires and floods and the main data loss contribution of human error or action that results in deleting the data on the storage device.

Another possible loss of data is weak backup. The backup technology and practices some times fails to protect data adequately. Most users rely on backup and redundant storage technologies which may not protect the lost data. Unluckily the secured data back may also fails some time and did not save your data from the disaster loss.

It is first advisory if any disaster strikes, act fast and decisively so that you will get the appropriate remedy for your data loss like data recovery software or data recovery services. But choosing remarkable and efficient recovery software is a big deal which can only be in the hands of professional data recovery software expert. The only thing that you should do is to acquire a data recovery program and then in a few minutes, will find that the lost document or file.

Data recovery software is an easy solution if the worst data loss happens, it is the most powerful and efficient step towards complete recovery of data including mechanical failures of the hard disk, deleted files and partitions, reformatting, overwriting, software malfunction, or viruses.

Stellar Phoenix data recovery software can fix corrupted or damaged files that result from disk damage or deletion. It is also used in Microsoft Office documents. The innovative technology data recovery software used in designing and developing process has the quality to tackle any data lost situation easily and in effective manner. Data Recovery is highly recognized in the modern industry standards and provides fast, inexpensive and cost efficient recovery solution that has a remarkable demand the computer technology.

Monday, September 1, 2008

File corruption in Jet file-sharing database system

Microsoft Jet database is a file-sharing database system. A file-sharing database system means that the processing of the file occurs at the client. In order to allow multiple users to share the same file over the network, Jet Database Engine uses a Lock file (.ldb) to synchronize the read write operations of the database. When a file-sharing database, such as Microsoft Jet, is used in a multi-user environment, multiple client processes use file read, file write, and file locking operations on the same shared file across a network.

If a process cannot be completed, the file may be left in an incomplete state or in a corrupted state. When you use Microsoft Jet in high-stress applications such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), you may experience any one of the following problems:

  • Database corruption
  • Stability issues, such as IIS crashing or locking up
  • Sudden failure or persistent failure of the driver

Opportunistic locking may increase the risk of Jet database corruption when a file is shared by two or more clients on a network file server. Most of the times, the network problem leave the Access database in a “Suspect” state and cause corruption. In all of these situations, you need to repair your Access database in order to use it.

If you disable opportunistic locking, this may adversely affect the performance of other applications. To get rid from this solution you can install latest service pack provided by Microsoft or latest Jet hotfix service pack. Problems also occur when you restart the server after you apply new software or you apply a service pack or a hotfix, and you forget that the Microsoft Jet database is currently shared on the server. In this situation you need a tool called access recovery tool which have capability to repair your Access database.

These softwares work on the header of the corrupted file and repairs and restores it without changing the original contents of the database files. Stellar Phoenix Access Repair is best data recovery software to restore your corrupted database by fixing bugs and errors. Using this utility you easily repair forms, queries, table, modules and macros. Stellar Phoenix scans for corrupted files to repair and restore it to a default location or a user specified location on the hard drive. It is compatible with all file versions of Microsoft Access such as Access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.

Friday, August 29, 2008

MAC: Not Able To See Content From CD or DVD

We store our critical information in hard drive which we move via other storage devices such as CD, DVD or USB storage drive. In Mac finder allows you to visually access practically everything on your Mac, including applications, hard disks, files, folders, and CDs. Let’s see what happen if you get following error messages:

· Does you finder finds nothing when you insert you CD or DVD on MAC?

· Is nothing is there even on your desktop?

· Don’t panic we have a solution.

What is Finder

Finder is the heart of your Mac. It provides access to files and folders, displays windows, and generally controls how you interact with your Mac. A finder is the default application which runs on MAC OS and MAC OS X and displays all the contents including you drives, files, folders, CDs , DVDs any many more i.e. a complete view of your system. It is the first software which the user encounters after booting his system on MAC and provides a user interface And if a finder finds nothing that means something is wrong with your operating system.. So if you find nothing displaying on that then may be your OS is corrupted and you need to re install it. This will sort out your problem.

How to save data in this scenario?

This is the biggest question that would arise when you face such kind of problems.

Will my data get lost forever? The data on which you may be working from since long time. Your company projects, your locked and saved files, your personal data etc.

Well the answer would be ‘NO’. You data are still in your hands and yes you can recover it even after reinstalling you operating system.

Mac Data Recovery Is the Solution

Data still resides on you hard disk when you delete data or accidentally deleted. It doesn’t get washed away with your OS until you overwrite it. Operating system deals with the hard ware of your system and when you try to retrieve you data it just passes the references to the data stored on the hard disk. But when you re install it references are not there but data is always there and all you need is to just recover it by adopting a suitable data recovery technique adopted by well developed data recovery Mac software.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software does the same. It scans your hard disk, finds previously existed partitions and recovers the required data at the most convenience. In addition to support to FAT, NTFS etc it also runs for all file systems including HFS and HFS+. Data recovered will get saved in new files from where you can easily retrieve it. This Mac data recovery works on advance algorithm to recover your accidentally deleted files.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Easily Resolve Lost Images Issues with Photo recovery Utility

The digital photo cameras have really come as a boom in the world of professional photographers and digital camera uses. It allows us capture photo memories which lasts with us for a life long time. The digital photos are made of a series of pixels (picture elements).These pixels specifies the true resolution of a digital photo. These are easily adaptable and there are almost no films and developing situation in these cameras.

Well last time I was in a friend’s party, I used to capture all the beautiful memories and pictures in my newly digital camera. It was a grand party and all my photos were saved in my digital camera. I reached home back from the party and was expected to see the pictures in my computer but unfortunately I did not access my digital camera, I browsed them with my camera's built-in preview but I couldn't copy them to the computer. The digital flash memory was corrupted; it was a heartbreaking feeling that might have risen at that moment perceiving nothing could be done now, or even worse.

Digital photos can be lost from cameras due to many unexpected reasons like accidental deletions of photos, reformatted the card by mistake. If you remove the camera card prematurely before all operations had finished it will definitely loss your photos and files. Another reason for photo loss may be low battery supply and may result in the loss of your precious memories.

I was really in a shocking moment as I had lost all my photos and videos. I used all my efforts and tried every way of reading my flash card but could not find any solution through which I can recover my pictures.

In this situation of data loss or picture damage it should be kept in mind that the camera should not be used anymore, as it will damage the stored photo by overwriting to the flash card .You can avoid possible damage from battery leakage or corrosion by making sure you insert your batteries in the correct direction, avoid use of a combination of new and old batteries, avoid using different types of batteries and also do not use battery that is leaking. Backup for battery failure reduces the chances of data loss. The memory card should always be kept in a dry and clean place to prevent moisture condensation.

Finally after a long research on photo recovery and files from a corrupted digital flash card I find a useful software which has bring brought my precious photos and videos back to their original place.

The software which is the combination of quality, reliability and technology brings a ray of happiness in my life is called Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery Software. This software recovers images from memory card. It can restore files from your camera media or from your computer there is a very good chance that you will be successful. Digital Photo Recovery supports retrieval of encrypted, unreadable and not detected digital files from memory cards. It is a reliable solution to rescue and restore your lost erased formatted deleted picture images photos audio video files and folders from multimedia card and other flash memory.