Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avoid Hard Drive Crash to Prevent Data Loss

If you work with computers for a long time you may know the value of hard drive which is the most significant part of a computer. Data we store on computers is actually stored on the hard drive having wide storage capacity. They offer faster speeds for performance and can keep terabytes of data in millions files.

Hard Disk crash is worst scenario than any other drive failure because the most recent and critical data is more likely to be stored on the hard drive. Data becomes suddenly inaccessible and results in the loss of business productivity. There are various reasons that hard disk crashes and leads to a disaster and loss of our precious data and information.

It may be physical or logical causes such as:

  • Scored or scratched platters
  • Read/Write arm failure
  • Hard disk motor failure
  • Power Surge
  • Head crash, i.e. heads touching and damaging surface of disk
  • Corrupted registry files or system files.
  • Accidentally deleted files

When these situations occur during hard disk crash you need some precautions to be taken after hard disk crash disaster like”

Shutdown your computer immediately if you find something wrong with your computer

Don’t continue to power up because it may do more damage.

Do not attempt to recover data yourself on severely traumatized drives

Never tries to format the drive yourself.

Avoid actions that further degrade the situation of your data loss.

Use Hard Drive Recovery Software.

With the advanced hard drive recovery software you can recover your data without any panic. Hard Drive Recovery software is specifically designed for the recovery of deleted or inaccessible data stored on damaged media like magnetic disks and computer hard drives; optical devices. The hard disk failure has increased the value for Data recovery or hard drive recovery software which provides an efficient, fast and affordable solution for hard disk crash. Always remember that a hard drive crash does not imply that the data is lost permanently. It is very essential that you do not panic under such circumstances and seek technical assistance if you cannot get the computer running again.