Friday, August 29, 2008

MAC: Not Able To See Content From CD or DVD

We store our critical information in hard drive which we move via other storage devices such as CD, DVD or USB storage drive. In Mac finder allows you to visually access practically everything on your Mac, including applications, hard disks, files, folders, and CDs. Let’s see what happen if you get following error messages:

· Does you finder finds nothing when you insert you CD or DVD on MAC?

· Is nothing is there even on your desktop?

· Don’t panic we have a solution.

What is Finder

Finder is the heart of your Mac. It provides access to files and folders, displays windows, and generally controls how you interact with your Mac. A finder is the default application which runs on MAC OS and MAC OS X and displays all the contents including you drives, files, folders, CDs , DVDs any many more i.e. a complete view of your system. It is the first software which the user encounters after booting his system on MAC and provides a user interface And if a finder finds nothing that means something is wrong with your operating system.. So if you find nothing displaying on that then may be your OS is corrupted and you need to re install it. This will sort out your problem.

How to save data in this scenario?

This is the biggest question that would arise when you face such kind of problems.

Will my data get lost forever? The data on which you may be working from since long time. Your company projects, your locked and saved files, your personal data etc.

Well the answer would be ‘NO’. You data are still in your hands and yes you can recover it even after reinstalling you operating system.

Mac Data Recovery Is the Solution

Data still resides on you hard disk when you delete data or accidentally deleted. It doesn’t get washed away with your OS until you overwrite it. Operating system deals with the hard ware of your system and when you try to retrieve you data it just passes the references to the data stored on the hard disk. But when you re install it references are not there but data is always there and all you need is to just recover it by adopting a suitable data recovery technique adopted by well developed data recovery Mac software.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software does the same. It scans your hard disk, finds previously existed partitions and recovers the required data at the most convenience. In addition to support to FAT, NTFS etc it also runs for all file systems including HFS and HFS+. Data recovered will get saved in new files from where you can easily retrieve it. This Mac data recovery works on advance algorithm to recover your accidentally deleted files.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Easily Resolve Lost Images Issues with Photo recovery Utility

The digital photo cameras have really come as a boom in the world of professional photographers and digital camera uses. It allows us capture photo memories which lasts with us for a life long time. The digital photos are made of a series of pixels (picture elements).These pixels specifies the true resolution of a digital photo. These are easily adaptable and there are almost no films and developing situation in these cameras.

Well last time I was in a friend’s party, I used to capture all the beautiful memories and pictures in my newly digital camera. It was a grand party and all my photos were saved in my digital camera. I reached home back from the party and was expected to see the pictures in my computer but unfortunately I did not access my digital camera, I browsed them with my camera's built-in preview but I couldn't copy them to the computer. The digital flash memory was corrupted; it was a heartbreaking feeling that might have risen at that moment perceiving nothing could be done now, or even worse.

Digital photos can be lost from cameras due to many unexpected reasons like accidental deletions of photos, reformatted the card by mistake. If you remove the camera card prematurely before all operations had finished it will definitely loss your photos and files. Another reason for photo loss may be low battery supply and may result in the loss of your precious memories.

I was really in a shocking moment as I had lost all my photos and videos. I used all my efforts and tried every way of reading my flash card but could not find any solution through which I can recover my pictures.

In this situation of data loss or picture damage it should be kept in mind that the camera should not be used anymore, as it will damage the stored photo by overwriting to the flash card .You can avoid possible damage from battery leakage or corrosion by making sure you insert your batteries in the correct direction, avoid use of a combination of new and old batteries, avoid using different types of batteries and also do not use battery that is leaking. Backup for battery failure reduces the chances of data loss. The memory card should always be kept in a dry and clean place to prevent moisture condensation.

Finally after a long research on photo recovery and files from a corrupted digital flash card I find a useful software which has bring brought my precious photos and videos back to their original place.

The software which is the combination of quality, reliability and technology brings a ray of happiness in my life is called Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery Software. This software recovers images from memory card. It can restore files from your camera media or from your computer there is a very good chance that you will be successful. Digital Photo Recovery supports retrieval of encrypted, unreadable and not detected digital files from memory cards. It is a reliable solution to rescue and restore your lost erased formatted deleted picture images photos audio video files and folders from multimedia card and other flash memory.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Solve Network or Disk Error in Microsoft Access 2.0

Higher version of MS access has lots of new features which makes it user friendly. But sometime when we use Access 2002 with a data file on the network drive, your data may seem to disappear. You will see that access is still running but all the forms, queries, tables, etc are no longer listed in the database window and open forms no longer have any data in the fields and no longer function.

This is usually accompanied by a "Disk or Network Error" message or a message that the form cannot be found. One more situation is the database does not appear to be damaged and opens fine if you close and reopen Access. The user was able to open a network based .mdb file, but when you tried to click on a switchboard button they received the following error message: "Disk or network error." When you try to open an Access 2.0 database file in Microsoft Access 2000 or Access 2002, you may get this network error.

In this situation how you will workaround with this error. There are many resources that deal with this error; I can provide you some of them. It may possible that mdb file has many linked tables that were using a static network path. In this scenario we need to have the MS Office XP disk to install the 'Linked Table Manager'. Once this was installed, you can update all linked tables to use the UNC path and not the static path.

The problem can occur when the data source is opened under the Microsoft Internet Information Server. As Jet creates a temporary file when the engine is started so we have to check that the TMP/TEMP directories were set properly. Define a TMP or TEMP environment variable and assign the variable to an existing folder. Or you can install latest service pack of Microsoft jet 4.0 which fix this error. Sometimes this error may come due to database corruption, in this situation you need access recovery utility to repair your damaged database as Microsoft has been provided compact and repair utility but it has some limitation so it doesn’t work with every error.

Repair operation on Microsoft access cab operate by compact and repair utility but it will not help in this situation. So access database repair can be done with the help of special third party access repair softwares. You must use the best access repair utility as the databases provide a large source of information to most of the companies. Stellar Phoenix access recovery software is one of best utility available over internet to repair your critically damaged or corrupted database. It performs thorough scan of the damaged access files; rectifies and restores the Access files with their Tables, Queries, and Reports intact even it works on password protected file.

Mac OS: Data Recovery In Case of Bad Sectors

Hard Disk is the storage device containing moving parts like motor which runs on various metallic platters, on which all of your data gets stored and can be retrieved as per the requirements. Data stored in a hard disk in particular sectors or drive write information on particular sector. Sometime these data write in a wrong boot sector or sector gets corrupted due to virus attack which makes that part into bad sector area. A bad Sector is that part of your hard disk that can’t be used anymore as it has now been flawed


This may happen due to some reasons like

-> Long use of hard drive

-> Collection of dust particles over it due to improper handling of hard disk and many more. General life of a hard disk is 3 years and its extra usage results into development of bad sectors. This not only wastes you hard disk memory but also becomes responsible for the data loss saved on that part.

An operating system detects the same bad sectors when it boots your system and it becomes a serious condition when it is running on MAC operating System as Mac continues to access even those sectors and doesn’t diagnose it as windows does. So this problem is problem is more critical in MAC operating system,

When Bad Sectors develops you may hear a ticking sound when a particular sector is accessed or you may see a read/write message flashing on your screen.


But the question arises what about the data on those parts which have now been declared as bad sectors? But there is the cure to it when some of your important data resides there and you are not in condition to loose it in the absence of backup.

Way To Recover

The above mentioned question can easily be answered and data can be recovered. Recovery is not an easy process until you have good recovery software. If you have good data recovery software which has specially been designed for MAC OS then we can easily recover lost data from HDD even from bad sectors.

Stellar Phoenix “Macintosh Data Recovery” developed by Stellar is doing a tremendous job in the same era. This data recovery Mac software recovers your file from any origin like may be multimedia file, library files or document files, which are first scanned from the hard disk and then recovered according to your choice. Raw data recovery and image forming is also there for recovering completely damaged files.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Golden rules to Save Your Pictures

Digital Photography has emerged as one of the fastest quintessential need in numerous media and entertainment industries. It has become the need of our today’s fast growing life for securing our precious pictures and data. The digital media stores data on digital flash memory which is very easy and commonly used. We store our party pictures, family gathering and friends memorable pictures on these digital photo cameras.

Although these digital media cameras have made our life more comfortable and easy with respect to saving our pictures and data more safely, but the most threats with these digital cameras is accidental deletion of data or corruption. What is often overlooked is the fragility of digital media cartridges, devices and disk corruption or exposure to external environment like water, fire etc. When you will loose your digital photos at some point unfortunately it may the worst time. So it becomes essential for us to ensure the safety and precautions of these digital media devices like

# Backup your digital photo frequently as it is the best option to recover your photos.

# When you find your digital camera not working properly immediately stop using, Every time you write to a disk or card the less of a chance you have of recovering your pictures.

# Do not try to open your device or format by yourself as it will corrupt your photos.

# Be extra careful when handling your card in dry, low humidity situations as a static shock could corrupt files.

# Be ensure to have a valid backup before making hardware or software chances

# Do not try to expose your digital media to extreme temperature.

# Always keeps your media card away from magnetic fields.

# Do not take pictures with a battery that is almost dead.

# Do not reformat your card before you have offloaded your images.

# Always Use professional photo recovery software to get your files and photos back.

Photo recovery software is easy to use application program to recover all lost photos files and folders from any digital flash camera. It is the reliable solution for photo recovery, image recovery, picture recovery or if the files were corrupted, deleted or damaged. It provide you with fast and reliable solution to undelete formatted deleted images, photos and stored video films from digital flash cameras.

One of best photo recovery utility is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. This software allows you to view recovered images and photos in original size, so that you can see all details of your precious pictures and images from your digital camera. Photo Recovery Software is capable of recovering lost digital photos from logical drives, hard drives as well as flash cards etc.This software is capable to recover images from Windows OS as well as Mac OSX