Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Golden rules to Save Your Pictures

Digital Photography has emerged as one of the fastest quintessential need in numerous media and entertainment industries. It has become the need of our today’s fast growing life for securing our precious pictures and data. The digital media stores data on digital flash memory which is very easy and commonly used. We store our party pictures, family gathering and friends memorable pictures on these digital photo cameras.

Although these digital media cameras have made our life more comfortable and easy with respect to saving our pictures and data more safely, but the most threats with these digital cameras is accidental deletion of data or corruption. What is often overlooked is the fragility of digital media cartridges, devices and disk corruption or exposure to external environment like water, fire etc. When you will loose your digital photos at some point unfortunately it may the worst time. So it becomes essential for us to ensure the safety and precautions of these digital media devices like

# Backup your digital photo frequently as it is the best option to recover your photos.

# When you find your digital camera not working properly immediately stop using, Every time you write to a disk or card the less of a chance you have of recovering your pictures.

# Do not try to open your device or format by yourself as it will corrupt your photos.

# Be extra careful when handling your card in dry, low humidity situations as a static shock could corrupt files.

# Be ensure to have a valid backup before making hardware or software chances

# Do not try to expose your digital media to extreme temperature.

# Always keeps your media card away from magnetic fields.

# Do not take pictures with a battery that is almost dead.

# Do not reformat your card before you have offloaded your images.

# Always Use professional photo recovery software to get your files and photos back.

Photo recovery software is easy to use application program to recover all lost photos files and folders from any digital flash camera. It is the reliable solution for photo recovery, image recovery, picture recovery or if the files were corrupted, deleted or damaged. It provide you with fast and reliable solution to undelete formatted deleted images, photos and stored video films from digital flash cameras.

One of best photo recovery utility is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. This software allows you to view recovered images and photos in original size, so that you can see all details of your precious pictures and images from your digital camera. Photo Recovery Software is capable of recovering lost digital photos from logical drives, hard drives as well as flash cards etc.This software is capable to recover images from Windows OS as well as Mac OSX