Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Image Recovery from Damaged Flash Memory Card

The digital camera is one of the best devices for clicking pictures and storing our memorable moments. Using digital camera, you will be able to take pictures without the use of the film. It is best portable device for photo purpose because it doesn’t use films to record photos. Instead, it uses flash memory cards or chips that will be able to store photos in digital format.

Memory cards are like small chips which are able to store vast amounts of data. In fact, even a 256MB flash memory card in a digital camera will be able to let you store a lot of files than your high capacity film. Capacity is totally depended on resolution of pictures or images. With this kind of feature, you don’t need to change films often. In fact, you don’t even need to change films at all. Another cool feature of the flash memory card used in digital cameras is that you will be able to delete any unwanted photos in order to make up more space for fresh digital pictures.

Flash memory cards are also reusable. Unlike films which you need to replace with a brand new one if all the rolls are used up, the same flash memory card in your digital camera can be reused. All you need is save the picture files in your computer, delete the pictures stored in your flash memory and you are ready for another batch of fresh digital photos. However, convenient and reliable as flash memory cards in digital cameras may be, you have to consider that it has its flaws. Flash memory cards are sensitive devices that can react to power surge, and even from static electricity. It is also sensitive to small particles which can contaminate and damage the flash memory cards. If this happens, the result will most likely be data loss.

Except from above situation, there is lot more situations that can potentially cause damage to your digital camera flash memory card which can result in data loss. Now, what if you saved your all childhood memories and most memorable moment in flash memory card, if data loss happens to you, you will lose the pictures and therefore, it will erase your memorable moments. Another scenario would be taking photos of your beloved marriage photos; Irreplaceable photos like this can be frustrating to lose.

These all situation are panic and frustrate us, so avoid this situation we must take precaution or some permanent solution for recovery of images and memory cards. Photo Recovery programs are best option which is installed in your computer. This will let you recover the photos using this software. However, it is important to remember that data recovery software for flash memory cards can only work in data loss situations, such as accidentally deleted photos and corrupted photos.

Stellar is one of the best recovery services providers in world. Stellar launches a product Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software which is easy to use and recover your photos in few minutes. It can recover photos lost due to accidental deletion, storage media formatting or virus attack. This photo recovery software is capable of recovering lost digital photos from digital storage media, logical drives, computer hard drive and memory cards.