Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Need Advice For Partition Recovery?

Yesterday morning I booted up my system like always and did not pay any attention on the screen, thinking as a normal boot up and then I start my computer work. Fortunately I noticed that out of my three partitions two are missing and did not locate on my system. One is working fine but the other partitions are not being able to access. Then I used to operate local chk disk files but all goes in vain and did not locate my partitions.

I tried to search the partitions but could not found this situation may indicate that my partition may be missing or lost. Due to partition loss, vital & important data stored on those partitions may become inaccessible which may create many hardships to the persons who are depending on those data like me.

Partition may get missing or lost due to many reasons like virus attack, file system corruptions and human errors. It is likely possible that if your hard disk gets damaged or incorrectly formatted it may result in the damage of partition. So it is advisable that we should always keep great care and precautions when such a data loss disaster may come in our way like

# Do not do anything with your hard disk and immediately plug-off your computer, never try to continue work on a missing partition drive.

# Use always a backup drive for your data as it will help you recover your data in data loss condition.

# Try to go in the BIOS setting and check the configuration.

# Never ignore “error messages” and try to fix them as soon as possible.

# Never Try to format partition incorrectly, thus changing the file system form of partition which may leads to data loss.

# Always use anti-virus for all incoming data including packaged data, ensuring your data security from virus attacks.

# If you do not have any prior technical knowledge, don’t try to format the partition yourself.

# Lastly in worse cases, partition recovery specialist may still be able to restore the information, you can try Partition Recovery Software.

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