Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Image Recovery from Damaged Flash Memory Card

The digital camera is one of the best devices for clicking pictures and storing our memorable moments. Using digital camera, you will be able to take pictures without the use of the film. It is best portable device for photo purpose because it doesn’t use films to record photos. Instead, it uses flash memory cards or chips that will be able to store photos in digital format.

Memory cards are like small chips which are able to store vast amounts of data. In fact, even a 256MB flash memory card in a digital camera will be able to let you store a lot of files than your high capacity film. Capacity is totally depended on resolution of pictures or images. With this kind of feature, you don’t need to change films often. In fact, you don’t even need to change films at all. Another cool feature of the flash memory card used in digital cameras is that you will be able to delete any unwanted photos in order to make up more space for fresh digital pictures.

Flash memory cards are also reusable. Unlike films which you need to replace with a brand new one if all the rolls are used up, the same flash memory card in your digital camera can be reused. All you need is save the picture files in your computer, delete the pictures stored in your flash memory and you are ready for another batch of fresh digital photos. However, convenient and reliable as flash memory cards in digital cameras may be, you have to consider that it has its flaws. Flash memory cards are sensitive devices that can react to power surge, and even from static electricity. It is also sensitive to small particles which can contaminate and damage the flash memory cards. If this happens, the result will most likely be data loss.

Except from above situation, there is lot more situations that can potentially cause damage to your digital camera flash memory card which can result in data loss. Now, what if you saved your all childhood memories and most memorable moment in flash memory card, if data loss happens to you, you will lose the pictures and therefore, it will erase your memorable moments. Another scenario would be taking photos of your beloved marriage photos; Irreplaceable photos like this can be frustrating to lose.

These all situation are panic and frustrate us, so avoid this situation we must take precaution or some permanent solution for recovery of images and memory cards. Photo Recovery programs are best option which is installed in your computer. This will let you recover the photos using this software. However, it is important to remember that data recovery software for flash memory cards can only work in data loss situations, such as accidentally deleted photos and corrupted photos.

Stellar is one of the best recovery services providers in world. Stellar launches a product Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software which is easy to use and recover your photos in few minutes. It can recover photos lost due to accidental deletion, storage media formatting or virus attack. This photo recovery software is capable of recovering lost digital photos from digital storage media, logical drives, computer hard drive and memory cards.

Need Advice For Partition Recovery?

Yesterday morning I booted up my system like always and did not pay any attention on the screen, thinking as a normal boot up and then I start my computer work. Fortunately I noticed that out of my three partitions two are missing and did not locate on my system. One is working fine but the other partitions are not being able to access. Then I used to operate local chk disk files but all goes in vain and did not locate my partitions.

I tried to search the partitions but could not found this situation may indicate that my partition may be missing or lost. Due to partition loss, vital & important data stored on those partitions may become inaccessible which may create many hardships to the persons who are depending on those data like me.

Partition may get missing or lost due to many reasons like virus attack, file system corruptions and human errors. It is likely possible that if your hard disk gets damaged or incorrectly formatted it may result in the damage of partition. So it is advisable that we should always keep great care and precautions when such a data loss disaster may come in our way like

# Do not do anything with your hard disk and immediately plug-off your computer, never try to continue work on a missing partition drive.

# Use always a backup drive for your data as it will help you recover your data in data loss condition.

# Try to go in the BIOS setting and check the configuration.

# Never ignore “error messages” and try to fix them as soon as possible.

# Never Try to format partition incorrectly, thus changing the file system form of partition which may leads to data loss.

# Always use anti-virus for all incoming data including packaged data, ensuring your data security from virus attacks.

# If you do not have any prior technical knowledge, don’t try to format the partition yourself.

# Lastly in worse cases, partition recovery specialist may still be able to restore the information, you can try Partition Recovery Software.

Stellar a leading data recovery service provider successfully serving Stellar Phoenix Partition recovery software for years. This software is capable to recover the lost of missing partition and data from the hard disk. Partition recovery application safely retrieves accidentally erased directories and sub-directories on your Desktop and Laptop PCs. You can recover your files very easily with this software which is user friendly and most efficient supporting software. This software provides very useful functions like Restore partition table,

Significance of Data Recovery Services

Data recovery is the process of recovering and restoring data or information from a commonly known device called hard disk. Data is stored on media like hard disk, magnetic disks, tapes, CDs and DVDs. The data which is stored on hard drive consists of magnetic disk on which millions of data is stored. The hard disk is the most important component of a computer system and has the capacity of storing data from 10 to more than 100 gigabytes. It offers permanent and secure storage of our data for a longer time.

There has been a lot of progress in increasing the memory capacity of data storage devices and probably the increasing loss or missing of data has become the common practice in today’s computer world.

Considering the fact that the large amount of business organization has vital data stored on machines. Thus the data being stored can have a great deal of impact on personal as well as operations of companies.

When working on computers we occasionally or accidentally delete our data by some mistake or system failure. Data gets missing or deleted in a variety of ways like virus attack, system malfunction, hard disk failure, disk crash etc.

In this way all information gets loss and you find yourself in no man’s land. Data can suddenly become inaccessible and it can lead to loss of business productivity as well. Your hard disk certainly contains a lot of personal data - financial data, names, addresses, and telephone numbers, bank account information, photographs and much more. When you are not able to access files and folders or applications that are unable to run or load data from your hard disk it is the indication of your data loss.

An important aspect of a computer system is that it has the ability to retrieve the information that has been lost. Actually the data which has been lost is not really lost and can be recovered by Data Recovery Software. The data on your hard disk can be recovered because these deleted files are available on your hard disk, only the operating system could not get right path to access them. The data has not been physically removed just the operating system does not know where the files are located.

Now here comes the role of Data Recovery which is the solution for you data loss. Data Recovery has a unique approach in solving the data recovery problems. It involves the process of evaluation, diagnosis and recovery with out damage to the original data. Using highly sophisticated techniques and proprietary equipment and software Hard Drive Recovery Software Recovers your crashed hard drive and you lost files.

Stellar, a leading Data Recovery company has class 100 clean rooms that have been designed to reduce the level of particulates in the air like dust and airborne particles. It has a sophisticated research and development programs that helps to recover your data with out any damage to your original data. The software effortlessly retrieves all files, even those accidentally deleted on a shared network, those deleted by application programs, or those damaged by viruses.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Excel Chart Wizard Malfunction

This is the most comprehensive database application provided by MS to make you tables, charts and lists. All official work like maintaining employee’s records, performing calculations, maintaining business dealings or customer’s records like origin etc. and many more is performed on this. One of the most powerful feature of excel is its chart wizard which helps you to represent data in the form of charts making it more knowledgeable and effective to represent. A place where you have to represent you status or any records this feature plays an important role as everyone is interested in understanding the facts at a glance rather than reading the whole data.

But consider a situation when you open an excel chart (commonly called graphs) created by you and it shows behavior in contrast to your expectations. Then certainly you would discover your precious time spent on collecting information and editing it to make it represent able in charts, a complete wastage as now you are suffering from data loss. If any of your charts is missing you made or it is revealing some other information which is far away from your expectations then may it may be due to some data corruption which would have occurred either due to power failure, software damage or computer crashes.

Do you think this as the most unfortunate situation for you and your company when your important data is at the stake of corruption as you excel chart wizard has started malfunctioning? But actually there is nothing to be worry about.


Data corrupted in your charts can be repaired and can be brought back into action for further use with the surety of no information loss. The data represented in charts may possess the data related to organization present state, stock related information or future plans which can’t be lost at any cost.

But you can overcome from this drastic conditions by simply adopting excel repair software and ‘Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery’ software does the same with more ease and surety than any other. It recovers and restores your excel charts without actually modifying titles, types and formats of your charts. It uses effective algorithms which runs for all advanced versions of excel like: Excel 2000, Excel 2003, Excel XP etc.

It provides a user friendly interface without requiring much technical background and is very simple to handle.

This is the only one which has been developed considering all users’ requirements.

Messaging interface has returned an unknown error in outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is used as an email application. It provide calendar, task, contact management and all web browsing facilities. It is easy to use, safe and secure. But nothing is hundred percent safe. Sometimes problem occurs in the outlook when you try to open address book or hit to or cc buttons in new mail you may get

"The messaging interface has returned an unknown error". "If the problem persists please restart outlook"

Running into the messaging interface error in Microsoft Outlook? These errors come due to install of some automatic updates and by removing it you can get rid from this problem. At some points some issues with Add-Ins cause this error. Removing all non native Outlook Add-Ins, restart OL and can resolve your problem. Goto Tools > Options > Other tab > Advanced Options > AddIn Manager and remove all non native AddIns.

One more cause of this error is exceeding the built-in .pst size limit. You can work around this problem by allowing upgrade to large tables. If your problem persists you can take help of pst repair software….. .

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Auto-Update Data Loss Problem- Quickbook

QuickBooks: Pro 2007 for Mac uses the power of Tiger to introduce a host of tools that simplify time-intensive tasks. But in Quick book auto-update feature were creating problems and was cause of data loss. It may possible suddenly you loss your Mac data when the accounting application's auto-update feature began deleting user's Desktops. The update displays the following message: "there is not enough disk space to install."

There is no solution for this if you accidentally lost your data using auto-update feature. In this situation you require robust Data Recovery Mac software which can recover your database from deleted volumes or deleted files……..

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How to repair Outlook Without Index repair tool

The Inbox repair is the most effective tool to repair the problems associated with personal folder (. Pst) file. It comes with Microsoft office. It is automatically installed with Microsoft office installation options depending on your operating system. It also repairs offline storage file (.ost) and Mail Message Files (.mmf).

The main reasons behind your pst corruption are:

• Due to virus attack • Due to compacting of pst file • Corruption caused due to 2 Gb Pst file size limit. • Improper shutdown of computer or outlook. • Corruption inside the pst file.

But sometimes when your pst is badly corrupted you are not able to repair it. To repair your pst file you need Pst repair software. It helps you to recover your data very easily. You can download the trail version of Pst repair software at……

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