Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The immense price of Data Loss in Digital World

Today’s uncomplicated technology has emerged as a boom for digital world. The introduction of new compact type flash memory cards which can store data up to several GB. The quality memory cards which consists of high speed data storage and robustness has certainly attract the new generation very fast. With the digital camera in your hand you capture the images and photos of your family get-together, vacations, everywhere you may be grapping your camera to capture the perfect photo in your gallery. These digital cameras are really easy to use with the consistency and value in photography. But we always forget that the data loss may also occur in digital cameras like hard drive data loss, which when occurs puts us in the trauma of restless mind and frustration. The data loss in digital cameras is often a big disastrous and can cost a heavy business architecture loss, documentation of morphological data as well as individual loss of data and images. Losing such precious and valuable pictures and images could place in a distress and horrible moment. The data and images could be lost in various forms like if you have saved your images in your computer or laptop and accidentally your hard disk becomes corrupted or crashed. You may not be able to access your valuable images and photos which you have collected from a longer time. Another reason for your images loss is the flash memory card which is the central functional part of a camera in which all data is being stored after you capture your precious memories. If the memory card is not functioning properly and showing errors on capturing or saving your photos, it will ultimately lead to a heavy data loss and image loss. The external situations or physical factors like virus attack, human error, dust or fire can also be the cause of your images and photo missing. If your computer is attacked by any virus or system malfunction can also be cause of your images loss. Therefore it is recommended to backup your images and photos until and unless you will face the disastrous loss of your beautiful images and photos. Sometimes your backup did not work out and you find yourself in painful condition. You need not to worry there is a remedy for your problem and the solution is Photo Recovery Software. Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software is an easy to use program that allows you to recover your lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted files from your cameras or memory cards. The software will recover jpg photos from formatted memory cards, deleted photos and recover photos from corrupt memory cards This software supports almost all memory card types like SD card, CF card, XD picture card, memory stick and more. The photo recovery software is designed by professional experts and developers to provide a user friendly operation for all users. It can also recover files lost due to virus attack and electronic failure. This software need not require any previous technical knowledge.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avoid Hard Drive Crash to Prevent Data Loss

If you work with computers for a long time you may know the value of hard drive which is the most significant part of a computer. Data we store on computers is actually stored on the hard drive having wide storage capacity. They offer faster speeds for performance and can keep terabytes of data in millions files.

Hard Disk crash is worst scenario than any other drive failure because the most recent and critical data is more likely to be stored on the hard drive. Data becomes suddenly inaccessible and results in the loss of business productivity. There are various reasons that hard disk crashes and leads to a disaster and loss of our precious data and information.

It may be physical or logical causes such as:

  • Scored or scratched platters
  • Read/Write arm failure
  • Hard disk motor failure
  • Power Surge
  • Head crash, i.e. heads touching and damaging surface of disk
  • Corrupted registry files or system files.
  • Accidentally deleted files

When these situations occur during hard disk crash you need some precautions to be taken after hard disk crash disaster like”

Shutdown your computer immediately if you find something wrong with your computer

Don’t continue to power up because it may do more damage.

Do not attempt to recover data yourself on severely traumatized drives

Never tries to format the drive yourself.

Avoid actions that further degrade the situation of your data loss.

Use Hard Drive Recovery Software.

With the advanced hard drive recovery software you can recover your data without any panic. Hard Drive Recovery software is specifically designed for the recovery of deleted or inaccessible data stored on damaged media like magnetic disks and computer hard drives; optical devices. The hard disk failure has increased the value for Data recovery or hard drive recovery software which provides an efficient, fast and affordable solution for hard disk crash. Always remember that a hard drive crash does not imply that the data is lost permanently. It is very essential that you do not panic under such circumstances and seek technical assistance if you cannot get the computer running again.

Prevent Loss of Photo Memories-Use Photo Recovery Software

The time has passed in which the most memorable photos and images were used in films and then developed to the get the photos perfectly seen. Now in this modern age we rarely use an old fashioned camera for capturing our photos. Those old cameras had been replaced by the introduction of Digital Photo Cameras in the market.

These cameras are really easy to use with a reputation for excellence, reliability and value in the field of photography. The digital cameras consist of various important devices which collectively perform the simple and stylish way to get your photos and images. They also consist of a flash memory card which is the central part of a camera in which all data is being stored after capturing your family and friends photos.

Suddenly when the flash memory card becomes inaccessible due to some physical or environmental factors like virus attack, memory card corrupted corruptions, and accidental deletion. This situation results in the loss of your precious data and images from your digital cameras. The loss of your photos puts you in the trauma of restless mind and frustration which ultimately affects your wealth and peace of mind.

The photos could also disappear from your personal computers because these electronic images are much more vulnerable than traditional albums. If your computer malfunctions or attacked by any virus or corruption of the drive, the entire photo gallery could be deleted or corrupted and results in the loss of your data and photos.

Another data loss is the photo memory card corruption which is the most disastrous. These memory cards form the most accidents, deletion or missing of your photos. The human error is also responsible for the loss of data as we are not aware about the latest functionalities of various digital cameras and trying to be expert, which ultimately results in the loss of images and photos.

Now with the latest technology developed in the field of photography there is almost possibility of lost/deleted photo files by photo recovery software. Actually digital images are stored on memory cards as a file. When you delete a file or image the space in which the image was stored is not basically erased and the space is available but the system or camera does not recognize it though the image is still present on the card..

Photo recovery Software recovers and restores pictures and other files and folders deleted due to corrupted memory card, virus attack or other reason including accidental removal of memory card being pulled out while the device was on.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software salvage files when lost due to formatted or “delete all” operations. This software supports all major type of memory card including Compact flash, secure digital card, PDA, PC Card. The Photo Recovery Software recovers data after formatting, accidental deletion or any type of logical corruption error, also recovers memory cards and restores digital pictures from hard disks.