Saturday, July 19, 2008

Recovery of Accidentally Deleted File Is Possible!

Data Loss can be possible at any time even we have some precaution and store them in a very secure environment like files and folders. The file loss may happen at the worst possible time resulting in the loss of our precious data and information. Sometimes the files lost due to human errors itself and system malfunctions can also contribute in the loss data and manual data recovery is not possible.

The risk of critical business data lost occurs when there are no backup plans for the data recovery and the lost of business productivity occurs. It could instantly take a small of medium size business from developed business operations to out of business in an instant.

In addition to the situation of hard disk crash you may also find you files deleted by accidental deletion, virus attack, power supply failure, disk corruption. In this situation what exactly brought about and eventually results in the loss of your precious files and data....

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cyclic Redundancy Error In Mac

Mainly the bad sectors occur due to the mechanical faults and magnetic shocking of the domain. Eventually, the magnetic areas lose it magnetism and therefore its inability to retain data. These bad sectors have the propensity to spread and are generally non-fixable. Mechanical faults include abrupt power shutdowns, physical shocks to drive and disruptions in read-write operation. Head crash can also lead to bad sectors and can result in permanent data loss. When the bad sectors spread, these may lead to system instability when important operating system files are damaged.

Not most commonly, but the bad sectors sometimes may be due to the bad parity checking bits written on the drive. Most current hard drive while storing data will visibly store parity bits simultaneously with the data. When this data is read, parity bits are also accessed and compared to make sure the data reliability. When the parity bits are damaged for some reasons, it would result in bad sector errors. It is the worst scenario of data loss....

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Serious Data Loss Due to Bad Sector in Disk Drive

There are various ways in which a hard disk can be crashed or failed due to hardware failure or system malfunctioning. The hard disk when shows a slow performance or faulty sectors occurs in the disk due to the reason of bad sectors and cause data loss. Here you need a data recovery solution which can recover your database.

These Bad sectors are the widely damaged area on a hard disk which can lead a hard disk damaged or corruption. It is a physical problem that means a hard disks magnetic media is defective or damaged.

The bad sector on a hard disk occurs due to any virus attack or system configurations usually imply a legitimate problem or a sign of potential problem. Due to the bad sectors in the hard disk some of your data files are missing unreadable or corrupted and it take forever or impossible to access certain files and folders. The main reason for the bad sector formation is the mechanical faults include physical shocks to the disk, abrupt power shutdowns and disruptions during read-write operations.

When you found your computer hanging or shows some errors regarding your hard disk you need to stop working and important data should be immediately backed up to avoid data loss.

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Data Recovery For Lost Images Or Photos

Check if any of the given circumstances matches with your own. Listed below are some of the most common circumstances that deal a crushing damage to the photos including the media and the cards that contain them? These factors remain more or less constant and apply to all types of cameras manufactured under various makes.

• When the card is pulled out while the camera is still on, it wreaks corruption in the photos thereby leading to its deletion or damage. • Accidentally turning off the camera when the write process was on • Accidental formatting of the digital storage media • Data is liable to get lost if media is used between different cameras / computers • Accidental deletion of photos

If you have deleted the photos by doing any of these, you still have hope…

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‘Read Only File System’ Error in Linux

Some files are read only files and sometime cause error messages on your screen of Linux based system which has been using dual boot procedure with Windows like operating system. When you try to mount the Linux partition, all may set well except the flash of the stated error message at the end of boot. The result of this is that you can’t do any modification or writing to your files and the system may also freeze forcing you to restart the system using hard boot.

This may create havoc for the users and the most relevant thing which the user thinks about is the data. This may create a thought in the user’s mind that whether he/she would need Linux recovery or not. So for finding out this, you need to know the reason for the same. Well the reason for this error message may be any one like:

• File system corruption • Incorrect unlock addresses for an LPC flash chip • Disk failure

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Logical Drive or Partition Disappeared After Performing Disk Cleanup

Hard drive has two partition one is primary partition and second one is logical drive which refers to the partitioned part of the physical disk drive that works as independent unit and contains individual data like C:, D:, E: etc. i.e. these all are a part of physical disk itself.

Sometimes we run disk clean so that our disk areas to get rid of unwanted used space by unneeded files which may be interrupting your system or creating some delay in booting process. Also it helps your system to run smoothly. We can perform this task by simply adopting disk cleanup software which wipes off whole of the disk very conveniently. But unfortuanately after disk cleanup our logical drive disappeared in few cases and that cause of serious data loss.

Now we think our data is permanently lost but data is still recoverable. Here is several methods for recovery of data.

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Mac Data Loss: Content is Not Viewed When CD Or DVD Is Inserted

Finder is the application which runs on MAC OS and MAC OS X, responsible for moving files and displays all the contents including you drives, files, folders, CDs , DVDs any many more i.e. a complete view of your system. It is the first software which the user encounters after booting his system on MAC and provides a user interface And if a finder finds nothing that means something is wrong with your operating system.. So if you find nothing displaying on that then may be your OS is corrupted and you need to re install it. This will sort out your problem.

This is the biggest question that would arise when you face such kind of problems. Will my data get lost forever? Answer is definitely no. You can still recovery data.

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“A runtime error has occurred” In Microsoft Outlook Cause Data Loss

Microsoft Outlook is a best office suit for mailing. Improper use of this cause encountered messages like “A runtime error has occurred” with and then after an unexpected termination of the page whenever you try to open your mails or try to print it. Don’t try to handle this problem with ease as this may be the case of damage of your file systems of outlook. Although latest version of Microsoft outlook are not facing with these kinds of problems but there is no surety abut the previous versions of the same.

One way to solve the above stated problem is to rename your outwvw.dll file or turn off script debugging and if also doesn’t solve the problem then the only way is to re install all the file system again..

Repair Solution Tips

Not Able To Open Word Document Though Saved In Right Format

The extension for word document is ‘doc’ and MS word checks for this extension before open it until they get damaged or corrupted. Sometime we get messages flashing on our screen like “word can not open the document” or “The document name or path is not valid” or “word cannot open the document: user doesn’t have access privileges” which may happen either due to power failure or software data corruption and if you are in a mood of making the new ones then be ready to ready to loose your data.

But the fact is that the condition is not as worse as it is appearing to be as MS word repair software is always there for your rescue.

How To Repair It

If any of your document file is not being opened by any of you efforts and you are worried what will happen in your next meeting or presentation, then please wipe off these tensions…

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Version Conflict Error In Access: Unrecognized Database Format

Database refers to collection of records or data in a structured manner and MS access is a powerful tool provide by Microsoft for creating databases and maintaining it. When we use MS access we may get error messages like “Unrecognized database format” which is a common problem faced by users handling Ms Access which may happen due to corruption of our database due to following reasons:

1. Fluctuation or power loss

2. System crash

3. Network failure

4. Disk failure.

Or it may also happen due to that you are trying to open it in lower version and actually it was created in upper version of MS access

What can be done?........


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pathname is not a valid path (Error 3044): Linked Table Error In MS Access

Microsoft Access is a useful application which allows us to link MS access tables for getting achieved results. One good feature is we can link two databases with each other or we can use access database over network. As we work over network we should take some precaution such as once you’re finished with work that requires you to be on the network, you must exit the network properly and immediately. This is to help avoid sudden dropped connection from the network otherwise you may get following error and data loss may happen which leads need of access repair softwares.

There is an error message which could flash on your screen when you are dealing with the linked tables over network:

“Pathname is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides. (Error 3044)”

This error may come when you link tables via mapped drive user UNC instead or lost network connection. It is quite possible that every time the database is opened, the startup deletes current links and creates new links to tables in a file path set in an ini file.

This works fine as long as the old path is valid. If the database is opened and table links are created and then either the database is moved or the path to the old tables is re-named, MS Access gives the error.

As the error message says you need to check both the backend for the able in which problem has been faced. It might be possible that spelling has actually got changed. The other possible reason for the occurrence of this error message could be database corruption. There is lots of work around for this error.

Let’s discuss some of followings….

Most likely the client’s computer has lost the network connection and system can't find/access the data anymore. In this situation follow these steps.

  1. Close the program
  2. Click on My Computer
  3. Look for the network drive (F,X, etc) and double click on it to reestablish the network connection.
  4. Go back into the program and retry the operation

2nd workaround is look in the visual basic code for a Set statement something like this: Set dbs = Workspace.OpenDatabase ("C:\Temp\Database.mdb")

Check for the path and file must be valid for a statement using the CurrentDB method to function properly or you can try to delete link table. It is also possible to change or examine the connect property of a table.

One possible reason of this error is database corruption due to damaged link table. In this scenario you can repair it using compact and repair utility. As this utility has some limitation so one more utility is Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software is the most known access repair software. This non destructive utility has been developed to ease the users as the user interface is very interactive. This software can do this repair for all the linked tables, forms, macros, modules, all the primary key fields and other constraints. This software will never fetch you the altered results as the software has been designed read only.

Warning Message in EXT2 File System: Mounting Unchecked File System

We can visualize file system as a tree, rooted, as it were, at /. /dev, /usr, and the other directories in the root directory are branches, which may have their own branches, such as /usr/local, and so on. File system is a process or organizing or arranging data in pc or stored files. In windows we just install the softwares for specific hardware and it works fine.

But when we use Linux or Unix Operating system, we have to mount every drive for accessing it. These OS assign a device name to each device, but this is not how the files on that device are accessed. Instead, to gain access to files on another device, you must inform the OS where in the directory tree you would like those files to appear. This process is called mounting a file system.

During boot process file system automatically mounted. For mounting a file system, we use command like # mount device mountpoint. If we are using Linux operating system and we are trying to write a CD or ISO files in CD we get following error:

“Mounting unchecked files system, running fsck is recommended”

This error may come when your drive is not supporting bootable CD or there is data corruption in Linux operating system and cause dirty flag in drive volume. One more reason is possible is virus attack or improper shutdown. All scenario result is critically data corruption and loss of your precious data.

On normal shutdowns, like for shutdown -r or -h, this *should happen. However, if some process is running that refuses to die prevents a clean unmount, then the meta-data for the file system may not be written to the disk. There is a “marker” in the file system that shows that the file system is mounted. This is then left “unclean” and on reboot the system will detect this and run (e2)fsck to try and assure no corruption propagates and further damages the file system.

In this situation you will face a serious data loss and your will need a powerful Linux Recovery utility which can recover your data. But you must have some precaution If you’re getting this error such as “don’t try to check unmounted file system”. Arrange to mount root file system in read only mode at startup, if you need then after this operation remount it in read/write mode. Now run the program FSCK which may repair the file.

If it doesn’t help use Stellar Phoenix Linux Recovery software which recover and repair your files stored in hard disk so that you didn’t get this error and again. This Linux data recovery software is a best prevention for serious data loss. This software is compatible with all flavors of Linux including Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu. It is special data recovery tools that can help you in recovering your lost data from Linux hard drive in cases where data has been lost due to File system corruption or deletion, accidental deletion, missing logical volume, virus attack or operating system corruption.