Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Logical Drive or Partition Disappeared After Performing Disk Cleanup

Hard drive has two partition one is primary partition and second one is logical drive which refers to the partitioned part of the physical disk drive that works as independent unit and contains individual data like C:, D:, E: etc. i.e. these all are a part of physical disk itself.

Sometimes we run disk clean so that our disk areas to get rid of unwanted used space by unneeded files which may be interrupting your system or creating some delay in booting process. Also it helps your system to run smoothly. We can perform this task by simply adopting disk cleanup software which wipes off whole of the disk very conveniently. But unfortuanately after disk cleanup our logical drive disappeared in few cases and that cause of serious data loss.

Now we think our data is permanently lost but data is still recoverable. Here is several methods for recovery of data.

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