Friday, July 18, 2008

Cyclic Redundancy Error In Mac

Mainly the bad sectors occur due to the mechanical faults and magnetic shocking of the domain. Eventually, the magnetic areas lose it magnetism and therefore its inability to retain data. These bad sectors have the propensity to spread and are generally non-fixable. Mechanical faults include abrupt power shutdowns, physical shocks to drive and disruptions in read-write operation. Head crash can also lead to bad sectors and can result in permanent data loss. When the bad sectors spread, these may lead to system instability when important operating system files are damaged.

Not most commonly, but the bad sectors sometimes may be due to the bad parity checking bits written on the drive. Most current hard drive while storing data will visibly store parity bits simultaneously with the data. When this data is read, parity bits are also accessed and compared to make sure the data reliability. When the parity bits are damaged for some reasons, it would result in bad sector errors. It is the worst scenario of data loss....

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