Thursday, July 17, 2008

Serious Data Loss Due to Bad Sector in Disk Drive

There are various ways in which a hard disk can be crashed or failed due to hardware failure or system malfunctioning. The hard disk when shows a slow performance or faulty sectors occurs in the disk due to the reason of bad sectors and cause data loss. Here you need a data recovery solution which can recover your database.

These Bad sectors are the widely damaged area on a hard disk which can lead a hard disk damaged or corruption. It is a physical problem that means a hard disks magnetic media is defective or damaged.

The bad sector on a hard disk occurs due to any virus attack or system configurations usually imply a legitimate problem or a sign of potential problem. Due to the bad sectors in the hard disk some of your data files are missing unreadable or corrupted and it take forever or impossible to access certain files and folders. The main reason for the bad sector formation is the mechanical faults include physical shocks to the disk, abrupt power shutdowns and disruptions during read-write operations.

When you found your computer hanging or shows some errors regarding your hard disk you need to stop working and important data should be immediately backed up to avoid data loss.

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