Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pathname is not a valid path (Error 3044): Linked Table Error In MS Access

Microsoft Access is a useful application which allows us to link MS access tables for getting achieved results. One good feature is we can link two databases with each other or we can use access database over network. As we work over network we should take some precaution such as once you’re finished with work that requires you to be on the network, you must exit the network properly and immediately. This is to help avoid sudden dropped connection from the network otherwise you may get following error and data loss may happen which leads need of access repair softwares.

There is an error message which could flash on your screen when you are dealing with the linked tables over network:

“Pathname is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides. (Error 3044)”

This error may come when you link tables via mapped drive user UNC instead or lost network connection. It is quite possible that every time the database is opened, the startup deletes current links and creates new links to tables in a file path set in an ini file.

This works fine as long as the old path is valid. If the database is opened and table links are created and then either the database is moved or the path to the old tables is re-named, MS Access gives the error.

As the error message says you need to check both the backend for the able in which problem has been faced. It might be possible that spelling has actually got changed. The other possible reason for the occurrence of this error message could be database corruption. There is lots of work around for this error.

Let’s discuss some of followings….

Most likely the client’s computer has lost the network connection and system can't find/access the data anymore. In this situation follow these steps.

  1. Close the program
  2. Click on My Computer
  3. Look for the network drive (F,X, etc) and double click on it to reestablish the network connection.
  4. Go back into the program and retry the operation

2nd workaround is look in the visual basic code for a Set statement something like this: Set dbs = Workspace.OpenDatabase ("C:\Temp\Database.mdb")

Check for the path and file must be valid for a statement using the CurrentDB method to function properly or you can try to delete link table. It is also possible to change or examine the connect property of a table.

One possible reason of this error is database corruption due to damaged link table. In this scenario you can repair it using compact and repair utility. As this utility has some limitation so one more utility is Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software is the most known access repair software. This non destructive utility has been developed to ease the users as the user interface is very interactive. This software can do this repair for all the linked tables, forms, macros, modules, all the primary key fields and other constraints. This software will never fetch you the altered results as the software has been designed read only.