Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Warning Message in EXT2 File System: Mounting Unchecked File System

We can visualize file system as a tree, rooted, as it were, at /. /dev, /usr, and the other directories in the root directory are branches, which may have their own branches, such as /usr/local, and so on. File system is a process or organizing or arranging data in pc or stored files. In windows we just install the softwares for specific hardware and it works fine.

But when we use Linux or Unix Operating system, we have to mount every drive for accessing it. These OS assign a device name to each device, but this is not how the files on that device are accessed. Instead, to gain access to files on another device, you must inform the OS where in the directory tree you would like those files to appear. This process is called mounting a file system.

During boot process file system automatically mounted. For mounting a file system, we use command like # mount device mountpoint. If we are using Linux operating system and we are trying to write a CD or ISO files in CD we get following error:

“Mounting unchecked files system, running fsck is recommended”

This error may come when your drive is not supporting bootable CD or there is data corruption in Linux operating system and cause dirty flag in drive volume. One more reason is possible is virus attack or improper shutdown. All scenario result is critically data corruption and loss of your precious data.

On normal shutdowns, like for shutdown -r or -h, this *should happen. However, if some process is running that refuses to die prevents a clean unmount, then the meta-data for the file system may not be written to the disk. There is a “marker” in the file system that shows that the file system is mounted. This is then left “unclean” and on reboot the system will detect this and run (e2)fsck to try and assure no corruption propagates and further damages the file system.

In this situation you will face a serious data loss and your will need a powerful Linux Recovery utility which can recover your data. But you must have some precaution If you’re getting this error such as “don’t try to check unmounted file system”. Arrange to mount root file system in read only mode at startup, if you need then after this operation remount it in read/write mode. Now run the program FSCK which may repair the file.

If it doesn’t help use Stellar Phoenix Linux Recovery software which recover and repair your files stored in hard disk so that you didn’t get this error and again. This Linux data recovery software is a best prevention for serious data loss. This software is compatible with all flavors of Linux including Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu. It is special data recovery tools that can help you in recovering your lost data from Linux hard drive in cases where data has been lost due to File system corruption or deletion, accidental deletion, missing logical volume, virus attack or operating system corruption.