Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Check yourself- When Your Hard Drive is Going to Fail (Stellar SMART)

If you have used PCs over the course of your career, I am sure you are well aware of the dreaded "click of death" that occurs when a disk drive fails. These failures can be devastating, and usually cost companies and individuals thousands of dollars, and a good deal of stress. Hard drives form the basis of our computing. The use of computers down to manipulating data, and the hard drive is, of course, where we store all our data; family albums, music, work documents, email, the list goes on.

There is lots of causes for hard drive failure and few of them are following:

Head Failure

Media Failure

Physical Damage

Mechanical Failures

Virus Attack

Logical Failures

Disk manufacturers have added S.M.A.R.T features to their drives. The acronym stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. With it drives have technology to monitor aspects of their status and report it. It has become an industry standard. Whether it is used in your direct-attached storage or drive arrays is another matter. SMART is a method through which devices monitor, store and analyze information on their operational state. This state information is exported through a set of attributes (e.g., temperature, number of reallocated sectors, seeks errors).

The occurrences of errors can be noted and compared to standard performance parameters encoded in the diagnostic system. Let's suppose the drive begins to take longer to reach spin speed, and that more retries are needed to attain full rpm, then it can indicate that the drive's bearings or motor are likely to fail. A most valuable data recovery company Stellar releases Stellar Smart drive monitoring software that gives the current values of various hard disk parameters such as Temperature, Head Flying Height, Spin-Up Time etc. If you have this software then it’s a lot easier to back-up than to get your data recovered. Once you detect any of the signs of failure you need to ensure that you have a back-up and if not, make one

Hard drives are incredibly sensitive bits of hardware, so don’t try to crack it open and have a look inside unless you know what you’re doing. And most definitely ensure that if you do crack it open, the platters don’t get exposed to the open air. In case of hard drive crash contact data recovery specialist. Stellar’s Data Recovery Services (DRS) offers personalized inspection of damaged hard disks, particularly to physically damaged disks which are rendered immune to recovery using software.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hard Drive Not Detected or Disk Crashed: Always Backup Your Data

Once in a morning you want to finish your work which you had left before night on your PC. All of the sudden you find that your computer is not working as your hard disk crashed. You try booting your system again and again but it shows error “hard disk not detected”. You used your all efforts to start your computer but all goes in vain.


It is more likely that your hard disk is crashed or corrupted. When ever you start your computer your hard disk make some clicking sound or it is no longer recognized by the BIOS of the machine. The clicking sound indicates either corrupt firmware or head crash.


In the hard disk crash when you are not sure whether the hard disk is suffering from a physical or logical error, it becomes vitally important to make sure, when deciding on the next steps.


When a hard disk fails or crashed many people try to open the drive and start repairing it themselves. This is a biggest mistake which should be avoided because the internal components of a hard disk are very fragile and susceptible to dust, scratches and corrosion.


Another cause of hard disk crash is when a magnetic plate where data is resided and recorded is more prone to corruption, deletion of data, virus attack surface media damage of hard disk which results in the hard disk crash. It is often seen that the files which are stored in registry of the hard disk can also be corrupted and cause hard disk crash.


We store millions of data on the hard disk which comprises of critical and most recent information. When this data or information becomes inaccessible due to a hard disk crash we loss our individual as well as business productivity.  When the hard dive fails it can be a frustrating expensive and irresistible experience. The inability to read data of the hard drive can render a computer useless.


With the millions of people rely on computers now a day’s hard drive crash becomes daily news for technical uses and its recovery possibility assures them not to worry or panic. The new and advanced hard disk crash recovery software’s are available in the market but choosing really helpful recovery software is worth competitive.


Hard drive recovery gives you a hope of retrieving data from a wide list of data loss disasters. This Recovery software recovers lost and deleted files, which may have been lost due to corruption in a mass storage media, disk formatting or other means, like, virus infection, lost due to a system failure. This software supports FAT, NTFS, NTFS4, HFS and NTFS5 and ensures your data safety.


Stellar Phoenix Hard Drive recovery is a unique software solution to a long standing problem and protects your hard disk from any unwanted corruption or deletion of data. So if you are really concerned about your data safety and security it is advised to use hard drive recovery software rather than facing disastrous loss of your precious and unique information.

Friday, June 5, 2009


When the Hard Disk stops functioning properly is referred as Hard Disk failure. This is the most occurring event responsible for data loss which accounts about 44% of total data loss. Hard disk is more prone to damage and corruption as compare to other storage mediums. There may be several reasons for the same:

1. Electronic Failure:  The problems related to controller boards arising due to sudden power spike or electrical surge that makes it undetectable by the operating system. This can happen to any operating system anytime.


2. MECHANICAL FAILURE: These failures happen due to some internal factors of hard disk. When we turn on the system a ticking sound appears and hence can be detected. These are the malfunctioning that can’t be cured by any kind of software but has to be repaired by fetching to a service center.


3. LOGICAL ERRORS:  These are the errors which are not related to physical malfunctioning of hard disk but related to corruption of data or invalid entry to a file system.


When any of the above mentioned incidence happen, our saved data is at the point of loss or simply data loss. At this point of time your hard disk nay stop running or you mat get an error message or you access to the required information gets denied.


There may be several reasons behind this temperature rise in hard disk, invalid data formatting, dust particles entered to the hard disk which could cause a severe damage to your hard disk.



To prevent data from loss there exist several methods by which data can be prevented from loss

1. Giving your system a dust free and dry environment.

2. Use of UPS  to ensure uninterrupted supply of power.

3. Keeping you system in a jerk free environment.



If after adopting above mentioned precautions also data loss happens then there is nothing to be worry about. For even the most critical cases where all data recovery techniques fails data mining comes into action which in independent of all operating systems or file systems. This technique can recover data from completely damaged or erased files too.




This method is completely based on investigating internal factors such as length of the file, structure, format of file etc. Here each sector of the media is searched and investigated and ultimately stored on new file or folders.

One of the main plus point of this technique is that it can search and recover data when its information is not even present on file systems.


So data recovery becomes possible through it easily. Stellar data recovery services follow the same and help you to get out from data loss. All you have to do is to fetch it here to ensure an effective data recovery from even completely damaged hard disks


Compile Error in Converting Macro to VBA

You can create a macro (An action or set of actions that you can use to automate tasks) to perform a specific series of action and you can create a macro group to perform related series of actions. As macro is very useful but at some time you get sick of macros - they're slow, unwieldy and clutter up your database. It's time, then, to convert your crappy old macros to shiny VBA. Fortunately, this conversion couldn't be easier. VBA standards for Visual Basic for Applications and is the language embedded within your Access database.

You can use VBA whenever you do one of the following:

  1. Create a new function.
  2. Create a new subroutine.
  3. Design a global variable.
  4. Execute the RunCode action in a macro.


In conversion of macor to VBA when we run VBA code within ArcMap or ArcCatalog that includes references to Network Analyst objects, you get the following error message when you attempt to run the code.


"The application can not find the wizard or there is a syntax error in the declarations section of a visual basic module”


When you convert a macro to Visual Basic for Applications code using the "Save as Visual Basic Module" command, and the macro contains a RunSQL action that includes a SQL Statement that was copied from a query's SQL View window, you may receive a compile error when you try to compile the module. After you convert macros to Visual Basic for Applications code in a form or report by using the "Convert Macros to Visual Basic" command, you may receive the following error message when you use the form or report.


“The expression you entered as the event property setting produced an error: Compile error”


Basic causes of these errors are missing macros or references due to corruption in database or it may occur when there is a broken Reference in your Access database and you've tried to use one of the built-in Access functions such as Left, Instr, Len, Year, Mid, etc. Second error comes when RunSQL Statement is not being correctly copied to the module during the conversion and is causing the module to fail that also cause error and damaging database. To resolve these problem we can use following method:

  • You can Edit the SQL Statement Action Argument in the macro and remove the space character to the left and right of the equal sign (=).
  • Save, close, and convert the macro again.
  • Edit the code in the converted macro module, and remove the extra line.



Or prevent the error, open a form or report class module in Design view and delete the procedure for the event whenever you replace an event procedure with a macro. One more method to correct the problem, you need to open your Access database then open the Microsoft Visual Basic window and select reference tool menu, when the References window appears, check to see if there are any References checked that start with "MISSING:" If there are any, uncheck these Reference.


If still you get this error that shows your database is critically damaged that causes missing references and modules. In this case compact and repair utility won’t help you. You must go for access repair utility which can repair your database and recover your missing references and modules.


Over Internet, lots of utilities available for repair of access database. One of best tool for access repair is Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software which provides repair of your mdb and ADP files. It repairs various file versions includes Access 97/2000/2002/2007. Best feature is it recovers missing references and primary key fields, if present. You can check the preview of your repaired database.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Data Recovery with Mac OS..We'll help you

Today it is been daily requirement to save data on a PC whether it be of photos, files, project, and many more. Obviously you will not want your important data to be erased by an occurring of error or any means. But sometime we could not help it. We lose our data sometimes before any warning; the reasons are many like improper shut down, virus attack, hard drive crash, server failure etc.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Macintosh Data Recovery and Loss

Macintosh Operating systems have been considered as the most powerful operating system giving its user every latest technology of their advanced and modern tasks. This is a kind of most powerful as well as reliable operating systems. Macintosh provides advanced file systems for bigger and effective organizations.  Some of the file systems that are supported by Mac are HFS (Hierarchical File System), HFS+, HFSX and HFS Wrapper and these file systems are bound to create in ease in its users.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Want Perfection While Recovering Mac Data?

The matter is not how much do you know about Mac operating system but the thing is that no guarantee is there that one should not face data loss. There are certain circumstances and due to that you have to face data loss by one reason or another. There can be an accidental data loss or you can loss your data even by deletion of an important document. It sometimes happen that you delete some files or important document and then you suddenly recall that you have deleted the wrong files that would of much importance in your business deals and even in your house. You will come to know that human errors are common while using a common OS or a Mac.

There are some specific reasons for data loss in a computer such as hard disk failure, virus attack, human error, improper shut down are only some of the outlines of a long list which would be responsible for both money and time wastage in a highly hustle-bustle life. Human error causes much harm to a computer than even natural disaster like fire or flood cause.

However you need not to panic under any situation you go through. You have to be patient and calm and in your senses so that you can work under even high pressure while under taking the task of data recovery. Now a day technology have become so advanced that it offers you a sufficient solution according to your pocket that would help you a lot in retrieving you data back to the computer. They allow you to move back from such an unpleasant situation that costs you both in money and in time.

You can use data recovery software on every capacity of hard drive whether it is of 2GB or of 160GB. But you should always remember that it should be done by a data recovery expert so that you will not suffer even a single byte data loss. He would recover you data by using latest techniques that would be of worth paying. It will cost you but the cost will not much more than the importance of your data.

He will retrieve your data sometime beyond imagination by not losing any data and give you 100% satisfaction from the data recovery program. A recovery software will recover for you HFS, HFS+ but more than that its criteria is very large, it will recover the whole partition for you that has been accidentally deleted or corrupted or formatted by any reason. Another best thing with Mac OS is that it recovers missing and lost files from your folder thus make you available the important data for you in a condition so that you can use it finely as per you requirement. It can also remember the long file names for you in the edge of recovered data so that it will be easy for you to recognize that this folder contain this particular file. It can also be run on IDE, EIDE, SCSI or SATA drives and make your choice wider in terms of recovering some data.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Are You Quite Familiar with “Out of Range” Error while using MAC

Out of range is an error that might have shown by your MAC Mini PC at some stage or the other. It appear sometimes when you restart you MAC PC, you may encounter an error called “Out of Range” on the start up screen of it. It will show you a grey start up display with an apple logo followed by it, after that screen turns black. You must execute from this situation that you are going to loose your data and it becomes suddenly necessary to use a data recovery program on your MAC PC.


After this unpleasant situation it becomes necessary to understand what actually had happened and what rare the steps to overcome it. Let’s first understand the causes of it that how did it come to you and wrecked your PC and data both. From such behavior of your MAC PC the reasons could marked out are as follows:


  • Corruption of Boot Sector or the Master Boot Record
  • Corruption of the Directory Structure
  • Injuring your MAC Operating System
  • Virus attack in Boot Sector

If you face any of the situations discussed above, you have to understand that you will be encountering the situation of data loss. You MAC PC will require the data recovery program to conquer over the situation.

The creed of this article is to make you ware of the procedures by which you can make your data out for further use .Following steps may help you carry out MAC data recovery:


First of all star your system in Safe Mode. This will allow you to transfer data in to the safe location so that after reinstalling MAC will not let you lose your precious data. You can also use System Preferences from apple menu. Now just click on Displays option to open preferences pane. After following all these steps restart your system.


Now the question arises that even after following all these procedures and steps you still cannot access your system, and you are still getting the notes of errors (the problem is related with the corruption of file), what can be done in this condition?


MAC Data Recovery software would become essential in this scenario. MAC Data Recovery Software is a powerful third party tool that is capable of a methodical scan of the hard drive and taking out all important data from it.


Mac Recovery software is a user friendly application and thus do not require sound technological proficiencies to achieve absolute, safe and simple Mac Data Recovery. In order to ensure total Mac Data Recovery, you must to opt for advanced Mac Recovery software. Mac Data Recovery software employs powerful scanning apparatus to attain complete Mac Recovery. It proffers interactive user interface, read only design, various scanning options and custom selections. These software support recovery from Mac hard drives, USB flash drive and hard drives, FireWire drives, iPods and memory cards too. It works healthily with HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS Wrapper and FAT file system volumes. Some of the Mac Recovery Software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger and 10.3.9 Panther.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Digital Media Data Recovery and points to remember

Technology has become so vast and has gained much popularity towards its end. These new borne technical products have become our daily habit. Some of us have become addictive to them. One of such products is Digital Camera. We can say it has earned wide popularity, and this can be added as a great achievement of technology, in certain business sectors as well as in every day life. Technology has become so advanced that these days they have earn a position in cell phones too, thus make you use a camera anywhere and everywhere you need.

A digital camera is perfectly designed to take photos and videos as well. User can upgrade its memory card according to his usages and preferences whenever needed. Thus they are quite flexible giving you freedom to use it.

Steps for Precaution

But one should precautious enough while using this kind of storage media because this is too vulnerable to data loss. One might have the knowledge to buy a branded digital camera or should use a god quality memory card so that the data can exist in it safely with the least chances of corruption. It is not suggested to use the most expensive memory cards but use those cards which can store data safely and usable. It has been experienced by most of us that brand name memory cards are long lasting that can store your much data without fear of losing it. They are also assumed faster than local memory cards so it is better to use some branded memory card. They are also reliable as they don’t get hang at quick and multiple photo shots. With being hanged they give much more freedom of data storage.

Now the question rise is what an if we delete some photos in error or during formatting or reformatting? Assuming that all the images and photos have been deleted permanently from the camera is not true. Formatting or reformatting just overwrites the data that was preexisted by image folder. “All is not lost” may work this time. Don’t get at all frustrated. A good recovery program can help you in this scenario.

Recovery Session

At the time of data loss you need to be patient and remember to never lose temper or senses because there are several solutions to move you out from this situation. At such time you can consider online applications offered by some good and professional companies which takes guarantee to rescue or retrieve your data if not all but the most of the part of it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Data recovery- Good Way to get data back

A brief Definition of Data Recovery

Data Recovery suggests itself the meaning of its Strategies and Coverage area. The simple definition of Data Recovery means rescuing or retrieving computer data through several techniques using different software available in market. There can be a lots of disasters upon which loss of data can be occurred as like – computer crash, hard disk failure, virus attack etc. Data recovery is important for both whether it is a small organization, a single user data or a big one where several workers are hired to do its work complete where a big bunch of database is kept for their commercial reasons. In this scenario different data recovery software can be used to retrieve its data from spontaneous accidental deletion of it. Data recovery is not a simple or easy procedure as some people observe it. It includes attention and perfection. It requires experts and sufficient time period so that not a single byte is left during data recovery process. The important feature that we should always keep in mind is that of speed and time. Whatever the type of data we are going to retrieve it should be recovered in short time. For data recovery one should hire an IT professional who is patient, quick-witted and can work through pressure. At the time he would not be assuming to loose his temper.

Errors or Reasons for data loss

There are some of those reasons/errors that are responsible/shows for data loss from your computer listed below:

  • Crash of the Hard Disk.
  • Failure of your Operating System.
  • Because of accidental fire.
  • Breakage of a Hard Disk.
  • Because of flood.
  • Drives and partitions are not accessible.
  • Due to virus attack.
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions.
  • Accidental deletion.
  • Screen converts blue.
  • Overwriting of data.
  • Failure of RAID controller.
  • Damaging of tapes through water.
  • Breakage of tapes.

Data Backup - the Means of Resolving Data Loss

To avoid data loss one should have a data backup system on site or offsite. It is usually occurs that at some stage the data gets lost for any reasons. It is best option to remove such consequences as to take the daily backup of your important data using some good backup software. Worthy software will create a backup for you of your pictures, audio video files and many other applications and systems that are essential for your usage. This will result in your savings of the costs as well as different hazards of recovering your data as the backup of your data is ready with you to reinstall it in your updated or repaired Operating System.

Thus the software will preserve your data by creating a backup on your suggested intervals. So that if your computer face a crush or virus attack your data can be easily recovered. It is also helpful in the case of manually deleted files or data as the software will save them as well for further use.

Buying a Data Backup Software

To buy a scintillating software one should search good computer magazines that contains tests and reviews of experts that have gone through different products and is capable in suggesting you the best product you need for data recovery. One can also get the knowledge through search engines like Google and MSN and many others of those sites that are offering the best productive knowledge about taking backups from your systems to avoid data loss.

It has been considered that backup software are quite essentials for those organizations who generally keeps large data. In near future it also avoids the expenditure and time wastage that you would be spending on purchasing data recovery software.

Data Backup from even USB Drives

In this world of gadgets people are simultaneously buying different storage media. The most popular among them is USB thumb device and Flash USB memory. These portable devices are no doubt easy to carry and serve lot in regards of media storage. But they forget that these devices corrupt too. The common mistake they usually made is to take a back up of these devices. People should be more cautious in terms of these media storages because they suffer data loss without getting warning of it. Flash memory devices are also known as thumb drives or USB sticks and they fail at zero warning. The reasons are many and simultaneous as some fail for rough use and some for bad sectors. Some are accidentally break while inserting or plugging off from laptops and desktops. Another common reason for their damage is stopping them without closing it properly.

The first and foremost factor that can save your personal and important data is to take simple backups of such devices in laptops or desktops. One should use some software suitable to their needs which will take a backup for you of your work at set intervals.

Recognize USB Errors

Common USB errors:

  • Unreadable or Unknown device.
  • USB drive not recognized.
  • USB device problem.
  • One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.

Buying a Data Backup Solution for USB Storage Media

While buying a USB back up software one should be careful enough because there are only a few companies that handle portable device data loss. If one notice the errors listed below one should recognize that he is going to face data loss. If you ultimately loose your data you need not to worry about that purchase a good quality software for that and always remember to take backup even from portable devices.