Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blue Screen of Death in Linux Cause Corruption: “Unmountable Boot Volume”

This error was followed by lots of help instructions. I did whatever was the instruction but was not getting rid from this problem. With Linux, you don’t get big scary message. Instead it’ll take you through a reboot, drop you into a minimal shell, and then it tells you the commands to make everything better. Even the OEM Windows machines I’ve seen that have a recovery partition installed are not as quick and simple as that. More importantly some those customs “recovery partitions” don’t work very well.

This issue comes, if you’re BIOS settings are configured to force the faster UDMA modes, this error may occur. In this situation, restart your computer and enter the BIOS and load the "fail-safe" default settings and reboot. If it doesn’t fix the error it shows boot.ini file is damaged. In this situation we have to install fresh copy of operating system so that our PC can work well. But in this scenario there is high chance of data loss because it may possible for fresh installation of OS we have to format our hard drive. Don’t panic, we have best solution for recover your all data using data recovery Linux utility. Lots of utilities are available over internet for data recovery but we can suggest you best utility for data recovery because I have been used this software.

Stellar is a leading data recovery service provider and valuable name in data recovery industries. Stellar’s Linux Recovery software is very useful for Linux partition and files. Stellar Phoenix Linux recovery tool best tool because it uses advanced scanning algorithm for data search and recovery of your important data. It recovers lost files or folders from damaged or corrupt Linux Ext2, Ext3 partitions. This Linux recovery software can recover all kind of files stored on your Linux hard drive including documents, pictures, movies, and music files.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

File Deletion: What to Do When Disaster Strikes?

Data loss can be critical. It could instantly take a small or medium size business from developed business operations to out of business in an instant. Besides the situation of a complete computer crash, you could also accidentally delete important files and folders.

Whether your computer completely crashes or you accidentally deleted files that are important or imperative to you, it may seem that your information is lost for ever.

Imagine how important the information (personal or business based) you have stored in the form of files in your computer, and now the unforeseen threat of losing that entire compilation in a moment of time. At this point what actually brought about and eventually resulted in the loss of files, your precious and important information is lost.

There are several factors which could be the reason in the loss of files and data which includes:

  • Accidental Deletion of files and folders
  • Virus Attack
  • Power Surges
  • Damaged logical structure of file
  • Computer dysfunction

Now what to do when this disaster like file deletion occurs?

Actually these files are not removed from the hard disk once and for all. The space the files were occupying before deletion is shown as available in the hard disk as the operating system can not access these files because the address of the file has been deleted from the file system. Therefore it is possible that your data can be recovered

There is a solution like file recovery which can be applied to recover deleted files and folders even when the recycle bin is emptied. Data Recovery softwares are user friendly and it does not need any technical knowledge and skills.

File Recovery provides you with the best technical skills and equipments to recover deleted file and lost data. You can recover pictures, videos, songs, e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, or any other PC file or folder with the file recovery. A file recovery utility can be used to reconstruct your data, deleted or lost files. Using the file recovery software, you can recover data from failed or formatted drives, partitions, CD-ROMs and memory cards. The data is recoverable because the information is not immediately removed from the disk. File Recovery Software only focuses on performance and reliability which is the basic need of a user.

Access 2003 Bug-Name AutoCorrect

As Years passes on, Microsoft released new version of Microsoft access. Every new version has some new features. One feature is Name Autocorrect. This feature introduced in access 2000 and now works in later version like access 2003. It tries to help users who rename a table field, so that queries, forms and reports automatically recognize the new field name. But like other features it is also buggy, incomplete and has a performance problem. If a database has the Name AutoCorrect feature enabled, users may experience a delay when they try to open database objects. If you have enabled “Name AutoCorrect” enabled then sometimes It causes Access to crash, therefore corrupting databases.

To repair this type of error you must turn off this feature. If there is any delay in performance then you have to clear all Name AutoCorrect Options. Then go to tool menu->options ->general tab>Name AutoCorrect. Now clear all the checkboxes which includes Track name, AutoCorrect info, Perform name AutoCorrect. In this way you can solve your performance issue. In worst case it causes access to crash and result in corrupt database then you have to do access repair. For this you need fully reliable access recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software can recover your access database and repair your important database files. It supports all version of Microsoft Access like Access 97, 2000, 2002/ XP, 2003 and 2007. It checks your access file for bugs, perform scan on your database file and fix those errors which cause database corruption. This software is user friendly and demo version previews all the repairable files.

Monday, August 4, 2008

VBA project is damaged in MS Access

Microsoft Access is an application used to create computer databases that can be used on a Windows operating system or on a web site. For making our work easy Microsoft Access is also equipped with a library, the Microsoft Access Object Library so that you can use them to create and manage databases by specific program. To code database file we use VBA application and save file as a VBA project. If we want to modify or change the file we have to modify VBA source code.

As VBA file depend upon source code, any deletion in source code can corrupt VBA file. Most common error for VBA file is “VBA project is damaged”. This problem come up only if you try to convert an Access 97 database to Access 2002. Main cause of corruption is that Access 97 is not in a fully compiled state. If errors indicate corruption due to a Visual Basic Application (VBA) or macro, you may recover the affected tables, queries and macros by exporting them from the corrupted database and into a new database

For resolution of this problem you can use compact and repair utility. But it has some limitation, so you will not be able to export forms, reports and modules. These objects must be recovered from backup. Second method is open your database in Access 97, and issue a Compile and Save All Modules from the Debug menu in VBE before attempting to run the conversion process again. If still your database is not recovered or repaired then you must use any access repair software.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software can recover or repair your VBA project file with 100 % accuracy. It performs a thorough scan of the damaged VBA projects, MDB files; rectifies, restores and repair access files with their Tables, Queries, Forms, Module and Reports intact. This software is compatible with all version Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access can't find the database file” Error in Ms Access

Some predefined action is an efficient way for programming in any programming language. When we talk about MS access we consider Macros as predefined actions.. Macros can perform a number of the common tasks same as Visual Basic code to perform in MDB file. As MDB and macro has some limitations so we prefer module and MDE files over macros and MDB file. Now we should know about MDE files. MDE file format allow you to limit database users from modifying database application that make your data more secure. You can’t edit, delete or modify MDE files. The MDE format allows you to store the same information that is contained in MDB files except that the underlying VBA are pre-compiled and stored in machine code. We can’t contain macros because macros do not provide error-handling capabilities. For converting your MDB files to MDE files, we recommend you to split your database and convert front-end to MDE format. An MDE files compiles all modules, remove all source code and make your database more compact and secure.

Converting a MDE file to MDB file has some limitations. Although it protects your application from modification or theft, If you want modify your MDE file then you must convert in MDB files. In process of converting MDB to MDE file we lost our macro. We always recommend you to make backup of your MDB file before converting it into MDE files. Sometimes you get common error messages

Microsoft Access can't find the database file '.MDB.' Make sure you entered the correct path and file name.” If you have your operating system configured to hide MS-DOS file extensions, when you try to export a Microsoft Access 97 object to an MDE file you may receive above message. There is strong change to loss and corruption of your MDE files. For this you have to recover your database file macro so that you can convert MDE files to MDB files. If you have large no of macros we have nice solution for you to repair access file by recovering macros.

Go to macros menu on the tools menu in access. From here you can regenerate some VBA code from the macros choose “convert macros to visual basic”. After this you have to edit VBA code for compiling.

-->Create and MDB replica or carbon copy of your MDE file using tool menu.

-->Make MDB replica to MDB file by choosing recover design master.

-->Choose MDB files and run Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software.

-->Now you can import everything from MDB file.

-->Search for macros in recovered MDB file and highlight them now Highlight each macro in the recovered database and choose “Convert Macros to Visual Basic” from the Macros menu on the Tools menu.

With the help of above method and Stellar Phoenix Access Repair software you can recover your macros from MDE files without loss of your important database. This software is easy to use and compatible with all version of access. It proves you fast recovery and supports file versions of MS Access including Access 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.

Recover macros from MDB files in Ms Access

A macro is a group of predetermined actions that make Tables, Queries, and Reports perform in a particular way. Macros are very useful for automating simple tasks for simple click of command button. You don't need to know how to program use macros. Macros can perform a number of the common tasks same as Visual Basic code to perform in MDB file. But we prefer module over macro. The key difference is that modules can be written to trap and cure errors, while any error in a macro brings operations to a halt. Error in macro means corruption of your database. When you are entering data in a form, you may get this error message “Microsoft Access can't find the macro”.

Common cause of macro error is inadvertently type one or more spaces in event properties of a control or form. Either the Menu Bar or the Shortcut Menu property of the form refers to a menu bar that does not exist in your database. 2nd cause is if you ever run a macro against the wrong type of document. To solve these problems, check that you've spelled the macro variable name right and that you are referencing it in an appropriate scope. You can also check the opening or closing parenthesis or omitting an argument or specifying an extra argument. Best way of preventing data loss from macro is to backup your database or you can use compact and repair utility. But, these utilities have some limitation. If you don’t know the exact problem of macro then this utility may reduce physical size of your database.

If you still facing the problem and don’t have any other option then you go for some data recovery software. For getting exact duplicate of your data you need access repair software. Stellar Phoenix access recovery software is best recovery software for MDB files. Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery helps you recover data not accessible due to corruption in Macros, Access databases, Tables, Queries, Forms, or Reports. It repairs macros common and complicated error with scan of whole MDB files in order to locate all the damaged files. This software compatible with all versions of Microsoft Access including Access 97/2000/2002/XP/2003/2007.

Preventing Database Corruption And Repair Access Database

Database Corruption occurs when error comes in accessing database due to change in the binary file format of a particular database. You may not be access your database after database corruption. MDB file corruption is very common even MS access fix minor corruption issues. If you will not fix database corruption then it spreads and get worse over time.

There are number of reasons for corruption of your access database. Most common are software conflicts, jet software conflicts and hardware failures. In software conflicts occurs when access installs 3rd party plug-ins, that lead to error in access database. Any hardware failure in your machine can cause applications to crash and unfortunately jet database are sensitive application crash. This may cause loss of important database.

For preventing this type of errors, we use some standard tricks. Always use original softwares, make backup copy of your database, store temporary table in backend, be careful with wireless networks, and troubleshoot network hardware. If you follow this precaution, you will never suffer with database corruption. Worst scenario is that after all this precaution you lost your mdb file or access database file. Now you must have recovery software for access database or you can use access repair software.

Stellar phoenix access recovery software is most powerful access repair software. With the help of this Access Recovery software you can repair your Access database in all possible cases of Database corruption. This software gives you a 100% assurance of access file repair and restores them with maximum efficient way.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Data Loss Due to Catalog File Corruption in MAC Operating System

Mac operating systems, is the most productivity enhancing operating environment that I have used. But due to some reason you may face some problem in using Mac operating system. One is Catalog file corruption: which cause data loss and leads us to Mac data recovery. It is the most important component of Mac Operating System. The catalog file is the most important data structure of HFS+ file system of Mac OS X. Catalog file is used by the file manager in order to maintain the information about the maintaining order of files and folders on a volume.

Catalog file are the binary tree structured file which has separate nodes for accessing information like index node, map node and leaf nodes. Work of catalog files are allocation of nodes to process. All information regarding processes stored in a MDB file. Map node records status of other nodes as which is free or in use. Whenever volume mounted in disk, the file information is copied into control block of that volume. Every node has unique catalog node id. These nodes are important data structure of catalog file which contains information regarding accessing and finding of specific file. Any corruption or damage in nodes makes your important file to inaccessible. That is cause of catalog file corruption. Common causes of catalog file corruption are following:

  • Volume Header Corruption
  • Power Outages or Accidentally power off
  • Improper Shutdown
  • Hardware problems like bad sectors, bad RAM etc
  • Virus Attack
  • Ejecting external hard drive without powering them off

If catalog file damaged then it be a big loss for your data, because your some files and directories becomes inaccessible To recover your files and fix this type of errors you must use some Mac data recovery software. It easily fixes this type of errors make your files accessible. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery tool is best tool for recovery of your Mac files. It supports HFS, HFS+ Apple Mac OS X operating system as well as Apple Mac Recovery OS 9.x and higher Mac version. Data Recovery Mac performs a quick scan of your corrupt Mac drive to locate deleted files, formatted and corrupted partitions and fix errors.

Out of Memory Error in MS Access 2003

MS Access is a database management tool which easily works well on less memory PC’s. But some user was facing the “out of memory error”. This error often comes on those computers which have more than 1 GB memory. This is an error that is becoming a nuisance. It comes on different machines....all which have Access 2003. The setup uses replication on the front end database to multiple users with one design master. All the front ends then access the same back end database on a network drive. This error most often occurs when a new module or module update is made to the Design Master. Ultimately we end up resurrecting a new Design Master from one of the replicas or a backup of the Master itself. To get rid from this error we can try compact and repair but it close the database, reboot the machine, etc. But until we scrap the design master and resurrect one from one prior to the changes...the same error continues.

Strange error messages such as "out of memory" are usually due to access database corruption. Access databases are particularly prone to corruption when there are multiple users of the same database on a network share. If there are 3-4 users, the risk is pretty low, but anything beyond that and there could be frequent difficulties. Also, the fact that the errors go away after you restore from backup strongly suggests that your design master is getting corrupted. To get rid from this solution we can go for access repair software to repair database but we will discuss it last. When you are working with multiple users accessing the same database on a network share, even you will notice that if there was anyone else who had the database open when I saved a change to anything the database would frequently get corrupted. In fact, most of the corruptions can be experienced when you save or make a change while someone else was in the database. Although you are not working with replication at the time, your situation is still very similar because each user of each replica still has to open the design master so that changes and data can be synchronized. Here are some tips that might help, if indeed the design master is getting corrupted. Remove everybody out of the database and open it in exclusive mode before making changes to the design master. You can also try to disable "opportunistic locking" on the file server. It's a registry edit that has to be done on the sever so unless you are the server's admin or are in really good with him/her, good luck on getting this accomplished. "Opportunistic locking" has been known to cause corruption in jet databases when multiple users are using a database on a file server.

If your database is corrupted and you are continuously getting this error and compact and repair doesn’t help. Try to install the updated version of Microsoft Jet Database Engine 3.5 or new patches from Microsoft. If it doesn’t help, don’t panic for your database. You can use access recovery utilities which recover the database and fix the error.

Stellar Phoenix access recovery 3.0 is one of the best utility to repair your database or mdb files. It fixes the error cause database corruption and repairs your database as previous. This access recovery software works well with older version of MS Access as well as newer version such as access 2002, Access XP, access 2007 etc. Stellar phoenix access repair recovers Queries, Forms, Reports, Macro and modules. You can see the preview of repair database with the help of demo version of this software.

"Unexpected Error 35012" When You Open a Database.

We store office work and everything in form of database. For maintaining database and creating them MS access is best software utility. As it is easy to use but sometimes when we try to open an existing Microsoft Access Database, you may get an error message:

“Unexpected error 35012”

Due to this error our database unexpectedly closes. Common cause of this error is corruption in the Microsoft Access Database or mdb file. They error may occur if the entire database is corrupted or some objects the particular database are corrupted. These corrupted objects may include one or more database forms of reports.

As Microsoft has provided compact and repair utility for repair the database and several other utility is form of patch to resolve this problem such as jet compact utility. One more method is importing the corrupted .mdb file or object in a new file. For importing corrupted database, you have to follow following steps:

  • Create a new Access database
  • In file menu, select Get External Data option
  • Select Import from Get External Data
  • Select all the database objects in the file and import in newly created database

If you get "Unexpected error 35012" when you import a specific object, try the 2nd step again. If you fail to import this time also, you will need to restore the corrupt object from backup.

But it helps only when your database is less corrupted. If it is critically corrupted then compact and repair utility or jet compact utility doesn’t help you. Even you can’t even import database. In case if you fail to import the database and you don’t have any backup, then you can’t repair your database using 3rd party access repair tools. In these situations, your entire database may become inaccessible. It may cause the worst circumstances of data loss.

In this critical situation, to repair your precious access database, you need for some special data recovery solutions. In this case, you can repair your access database with the help of Access Recovery software.

Access recovery softwares are the powerful data recovery programs that can search and locate your corrupted access database and can repair them. With the help of these Access recovery softwares, you can repair your access database along with the forms, reports, queries and macros associated with the database.

There is a wide range of access recovery software available. Among these softwares, stellar phoenix Access Recovery 3.0 is the safest and most powerful access recovery software. With the help of this Access Recovery software, you can repair access database in all file version of MS Access including 2003 and 2007. This software also provides better query recovery from the database.

Serious Data Loss Due to Mac OS X Bug VMware Fusion Virtual Machine

In Mac OS X purpose of a virtual machine is to allow the user to allocate physical systems resources to multiple tasks. In many computer operations, the CPU and memory resources are underutilized. It is possible to free up quite a bit of hard disk space by compacting your virtual disks for with the help of VMWare. This software application makes it easy to operate any virtual machine created by VMware Workstation. VMWare Fusion is warning users about a bug in OS X that could cause data loss in VMware Fusion virtual machines. The underlying problem has to do with the way OS X handles un-buffered I/O, that data that isn’t held in memory, but written directly to disk

According to VMware, the underlying problem is in the way Mac OS X handles un-buffered I/O and seems to refer to a problem between Fusion and OS X about what sequences of disk-write calls are legal to make.

This error comes when un-buffered I/O works by sending data directly to the file, as opposed to buffered I/O which stages the data to be written into a block of memory and then writes the contents of the buffer out to the file. If we use default setting in Fusion, un-buffered I/O is not used. However Fusion does give the user the ability to choose to optimize virtual machine disk performance by enabling un-buffered I/O. This bug causes the virtual machine to hang at the wrong time and due to this disk can become corrupted to the extent. If you don’t have backup then it will be a worst scenario for you.

Incase if you face this bug or data loss problem due to VMWare then you can recover it using time machine. But sometime it doesn’t help and we suffer from data loss. To avoid this type of data loss we can use some data recovery option. Lots of softwares utility available in software market. One of them is Stellar Phoenix data recovery Mac software which is a very reliable and robust tool to recover your precious data.

This Mac recovery software helps you to recover your files, photos, music & videos from almost all instances of data loss. Stellar Phoenix would scan your drive for lost data, analyze and build a list of recoverable files and folders that you can recover. Recover the entire drive contents or select the files & folders that you wish to recover. It is capable to archive all documents and various file formats including Stuffit, Minhex Archive (HQX), RAR Files (RAR), Zip Archive (Zip), Apple Script (SCPT), Apple Works Document (CWK), etc.

Recover Your Lost Images Using Stellar Phoenix Image Recovery Utility

Day by day new technologies comes and we are become more dependent on electronic devices for our daily use. Let’s have an example of photography. Few decades back we are using simple camera and some advanced camera such as Polaroid devices. But today we have lots of option for quick images, high quality images. We have lots of devices for storing our precious images. Even we can transfer images to our PC’s and hard drives which makes it safer. Several storage devices for storing images are multimedia cards, camera cards such as CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Sony Memory Sticks, XD Cards, etc. As they are easy to use devices but as well as fragile too.

They easily get virus infected or improper use or wrong programs cause damage of these cards. Unfortunately, they seem to fail when you have stored the most important photographs. The lost images could also be due to erasing or formatting a camera card. If it looks like your data is gone, erased, reformatted, overwritten or corrupted it is still often possible to retrieve it, even if your software tells you it's too late. If you don't panic and know what to do next, there is a good chance you may be able to salvage your images.

Let’s see how it works: When you delete any information from a computer or a camera card, the information is really not deleted at all. Every piece of stored information is defined in a directory similar to a "table of contents". When the information is deleted from a card, the directory indicates that the space that the deleted file originally was stored on can be used for new information. The image is still there, but you can not see it. Even when a card is formatted, the information still remains, but it can not be seen.

You should follow some steps such as do not save any additional images to the camera card if card is showing error or unreadable. If any new image is saved in the storage area of a previously deleted image, the previously deleted image can’t be recovered. Now next step is check for viruses with the help o Antivirus software’s and fix them using these utilities. If still card is fail to open or your images still showing error in opening then choose photo recovery software. Sophisticated Photo Recovery Software programs reassemble the images that are still on the camera card. Both deleted files that haven't had their space overwritten yet, as well as files that can't be accessed because of corruption in some area or sector of the media can possibly be retrieved. Almost all Digital Photo Recovery Software have demo versions available for you to try. Every situation is different based on the type of computer, the type of card, the version of the operating system on the computer, the type of card reader used, etc. . Download and install a demo copy of the software that you think will fit your needs. Here is one most sophisticated and perfect image recovery software.

Stellar, a leading name in data recovery services launches its new product Stellar Phoenix image recovery software which recovers your images, digital media files, etc. You can download its demo version which will show you preview of repaired or recovered images. This software is easy to use and recover lost photos due to accidental deletion, storage media formatting or virus attack. This software support to all camera file formats such as CR2, CRW, RAF, K25, DCR, MRW, NEF, ORF, PEF, SR2 and all type of audio file formats like RPS, AU, OGG, WAV, MP3, AIFF, MIDI, M4A, M4P, WMA etc.

Hard Disk Controller Failure Cause Data Loss

One day when you try to boot up your computer it would not boot and the windows can not recognize the D: drive. You check all the important hardware system parts but all goes in vain and you probably find that the hard disk is crashed.

You might have tried to access your D: drive from the windows as well as check you’re BIOS but it did not repair your problem and shows some unknown errors.

The hard disk is fragile and can be damaged or crashed at any time. It does not give you any information when crashed instead shows some vulnerable error and messages.

The Hard Disk controller failure may indeed be a dead or dying drive. There are numerous reasons that could be the cause of hard disk controller failure like:

  • Unintentional or accidental deletion due to human error
  • Hard Drive Crash or Motherboard Failure.
  • Partition distortion
  • Improper setting of the adapter in slab or incomplete installation of hard drive
  • An improper setting in CMOS

It would be a sad time for you when you hear about your data loss. In such conditions your data is lost and hard drive failure prevents you to access drive. You might need to check you CMOS to see whether the drive exists or not. It is advisable to do a random check of your hard disk by doing an “auto detect” on the hard drive to ensure that it is correctly configured. You can also check your power supply is correct and the cable to the drive is connected.

The most horrible factor leading to the data loss is hard disk failure or hardware malfunctioning. Hard disks are mechanical devices and are more prone to wear and tear. Head crash is most common hardware failure resulting in the loss of data at an extent rate, since the slightest of the jerk may result in a head crash or misalignment of platters.

Hard drives fail as there appears to be an inherent fault on one of the chips on the controller board of the hard disk. Although it might seen logical to practice on a hard drive by yourself in the fear that it will damage the hard disk further and you lost your precious data for ever.

For the hard disk failure it is recommended to use trustful hard disk recovery software which can recover your data with out any damage to your original data. The Recovery of hard drive is not generally possible for a common user but you can put your trust in Hard Drive Recovery Software and know that you'll get everything back the way it was. Hard Drive Recovery Software can recover crashed, damaged, corrupted or formatted NTFS and FAT partitions. You can check your crucial content of your deleted files recovered from hard disk drive. So it is not late you can recover your data back until it becomes too late for your data loss.