Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hard Disk Controller Failure Cause Data Loss

One day when you try to boot up your computer it would not boot and the windows can not recognize the D: drive. You check all the important hardware system parts but all goes in vain and you probably find that the hard disk is crashed.

You might have tried to access your D: drive from the windows as well as check you’re BIOS but it did not repair your problem and shows some unknown errors.

The hard disk is fragile and can be damaged or crashed at any time. It does not give you any information when crashed instead shows some vulnerable error and messages.

The Hard Disk controller failure may indeed be a dead or dying drive. There are numerous reasons that could be the cause of hard disk controller failure like:

  • Unintentional or accidental deletion due to human error
  • Hard Drive Crash or Motherboard Failure.
  • Partition distortion
  • Improper setting of the adapter in slab or incomplete installation of hard drive
  • An improper setting in CMOS

It would be a sad time for you when you hear about your data loss. In such conditions your data is lost and hard drive failure prevents you to access drive. You might need to check you CMOS to see whether the drive exists or not. It is advisable to do a random check of your hard disk by doing an “auto detect” on the hard drive to ensure that it is correctly configured. You can also check your power supply is correct and the cable to the drive is connected.

The most horrible factor leading to the data loss is hard disk failure or hardware malfunctioning. Hard disks are mechanical devices and are more prone to wear and tear. Head crash is most common hardware failure resulting in the loss of data at an extent rate, since the slightest of the jerk may result in a head crash or misalignment of platters.

Hard drives fail as there appears to be an inherent fault on one of the chips on the controller board of the hard disk. Although it might seen logical to practice on a hard drive by yourself in the fear that it will damage the hard disk further and you lost your precious data for ever.

For the hard disk failure it is recommended to use trustful hard disk recovery software which can recover your data with out any damage to your original data. The Recovery of hard drive is not generally possible for a common user but you can put your trust in Hard Drive Recovery Software and know that you'll get everything back the way it was. Hard Drive Recovery Software can recover crashed, damaged, corrupted or formatted NTFS and FAT partitions. You can check your crucial content of your deleted files recovered from hard disk drive. So it is not late you can recover your data back until it becomes too late for your data loss.