Sunday, August 3, 2008

Data Loss Due to Catalog File Corruption in MAC Operating System

Mac operating systems, is the most productivity enhancing operating environment that I have used. But due to some reason you may face some problem in using Mac operating system. One is Catalog file corruption: which cause data loss and leads us to Mac data recovery. It is the most important component of Mac Operating System. The catalog file is the most important data structure of HFS+ file system of Mac OS X. Catalog file is used by the file manager in order to maintain the information about the maintaining order of files and folders on a volume.

Catalog file are the binary tree structured file which has separate nodes for accessing information like index node, map node and leaf nodes. Work of catalog files are allocation of nodes to process. All information regarding processes stored in a MDB file. Map node records status of other nodes as which is free or in use. Whenever volume mounted in disk, the file information is copied into control block of that volume. Every node has unique catalog node id. These nodes are important data structure of catalog file which contains information regarding accessing and finding of specific file. Any corruption or damage in nodes makes your important file to inaccessible. That is cause of catalog file corruption. Common causes of catalog file corruption are following:

  • Volume Header Corruption
  • Power Outages or Accidentally power off
  • Improper Shutdown
  • Hardware problems like bad sectors, bad RAM etc
  • Virus Attack
  • Ejecting external hard drive without powering them off

If catalog file damaged then it be a big loss for your data, because your some files and directories becomes inaccessible To recover your files and fix this type of errors you must use some Mac data recovery software. It easily fixes this type of errors make your files accessible. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery tool is best tool for recovery of your Mac files. It supports HFS, HFS+ Apple Mac OS X operating system as well as Apple Mac Recovery OS 9.x and higher Mac version. Data Recovery Mac performs a quick scan of your corrupt Mac drive to locate deleted files, formatted and corrupted partitions and fix errors.