Sunday, August 3, 2008

Serious Data Loss Due to Mac OS X Bug VMware Fusion Virtual Machine

In Mac OS X purpose of a virtual machine is to allow the user to allocate physical systems resources to multiple tasks. In many computer operations, the CPU and memory resources are underutilized. It is possible to free up quite a bit of hard disk space by compacting your virtual disks for with the help of VMWare. This software application makes it easy to operate any virtual machine created by VMware Workstation. VMWare Fusion is warning users about a bug in OS X that could cause data loss in VMware Fusion virtual machines. The underlying problem has to do with the way OS X handles un-buffered I/O, that data that isn’t held in memory, but written directly to disk

According to VMware, the underlying problem is in the way Mac OS X handles un-buffered I/O and seems to refer to a problem between Fusion and OS X about what sequences of disk-write calls are legal to make.

This error comes when un-buffered I/O works by sending data directly to the file, as opposed to buffered I/O which stages the data to be written into a block of memory and then writes the contents of the buffer out to the file. If we use default setting in Fusion, un-buffered I/O is not used. However Fusion does give the user the ability to choose to optimize virtual machine disk performance by enabling un-buffered I/O. This bug causes the virtual machine to hang at the wrong time and due to this disk can become corrupted to the extent. If you don’t have backup then it will be a worst scenario for you.

Incase if you face this bug or data loss problem due to VMWare then you can recover it using time machine. But sometime it doesn’t help and we suffer from data loss. To avoid this type of data loss we can use some data recovery option. Lots of softwares utility available in software market. One of them is Stellar Phoenix data recovery Mac software which is a very reliable and robust tool to recover your precious data.

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