Friday, September 5, 2008

Data Recovery an Important Asset for Business

The data is the most important and valuable thing in today’s life. We often store data in hard disks which can store millions of data. The data is a fragile which can be lost at any time. There are various major trends in data loss today, representing industry-wide shifts in technology and market rules and behavior.

On some day during an accidental deletion or hardware failure your computer disks become unreadable. In the event of a hard disk crash or system malfunction we lost data which makes us panic and ultimately increases the risk of data loss. The internal or mechanical component in a hard drive must work with greater precision.

Data loss could occur owing to logical damage to the file system causing incomplete writing and consequent inability of the operating system to display results correctly, poor backup policies or their improper implementation of the policies, Natural disasters like fires and floods and the main data loss contribution of human error or action that results in deleting the data on the storage device.

Another possible loss of data is weak backup. The backup technology and practices some times fails to protect data adequately. Most users rely on backup and redundant storage technologies which may not protect the lost data. Unluckily the secured data back may also fails some time and did not save your data from the disaster loss.

It is first advisory if any disaster strikes, act fast and decisively so that you will get the appropriate remedy for your data loss like data recovery software or data recovery services. But choosing remarkable and efficient recovery software is a big deal which can only be in the hands of professional data recovery software expert. The only thing that you should do is to acquire a data recovery program and then in a few minutes, will find that the lost document or file.

Data recovery software is an easy solution if the worst data loss happens, it is the most powerful and efficient step towards complete recovery of data including mechanical failures of the hard disk, deleted files and partitions, reformatting, overwriting, software malfunction, or viruses.

Stellar Phoenix data recovery software can fix corrupted or damaged files that result from disk damage or deletion. It is also used in Microsoft Office documents. The innovative technology data recovery software used in designing and developing process has the quality to tackle any data lost situation easily and in effective manner. Data Recovery is highly recognized in the modern industry standards and provides fast, inexpensive and cost efficient recovery solution that has a remarkable demand the computer technology.

Monday, September 1, 2008

File corruption in Jet file-sharing database system

Microsoft Jet database is a file-sharing database system. A file-sharing database system means that the processing of the file occurs at the client. In order to allow multiple users to share the same file over the network, Jet Database Engine uses a Lock file (.ldb) to synchronize the read write operations of the database. When a file-sharing database, such as Microsoft Jet, is used in a multi-user environment, multiple client processes use file read, file write, and file locking operations on the same shared file across a network.

If a process cannot be completed, the file may be left in an incomplete state or in a corrupted state. When you use Microsoft Jet in high-stress applications such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), you may experience any one of the following problems:

  • Database corruption
  • Stability issues, such as IIS crashing or locking up
  • Sudden failure or persistent failure of the driver

Opportunistic locking may increase the risk of Jet database corruption when a file is shared by two or more clients on a network file server. Most of the times, the network problem leave the Access database in a “Suspect” state and cause corruption. In all of these situations, you need to repair your Access database in order to use it.

If you disable opportunistic locking, this may adversely affect the performance of other applications. To get rid from this solution you can install latest service pack provided by Microsoft or latest Jet hotfix service pack. Problems also occur when you restart the server after you apply new software or you apply a service pack or a hotfix, and you forget that the Microsoft Jet database is currently shared on the server. In this situation you need a tool called access recovery tool which have capability to repair your Access database.

These softwares work on the header of the corrupted file and repairs and restores it without changing the original contents of the database files. Stellar Phoenix Access Repair is best data recovery software to restore your corrupted database by fixing bugs and errors. Using this utility you easily repair forms, queries, table, modules and macros. Stellar Phoenix scans for corrupted files to repair and restore it to a default location or a user specified location on the hard drive. It is compatible with all file versions of Microsoft Access such as Access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.