Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Data Backup: An asset to avoid data loss

As computing becomes more mobile and user autonomy grows, users face greater challenges in protecting critical data spread across vast numbers of PC hard drives. Data is the heart of the enterprise, it's crucial for us to protect it. People do not realize the amount of work computers do for us in every day life. We can store a lot of data like important files, photos, documents, records, in HDD which is a storage media in computers.

As we all know data is fragile it can be loss at any time without any indication. when we loss our data in case of hard disk crash, system failure or natural disaster, we loss important files and information which leaves us in ruin.

In this situation well computer professional always used to back up their data. Backup is the process of having duplicate copy of the original one. It is the best practice to prevent data loss. Backup is a continual development process to help seamlessly protect you business and data. We can backup our data on Medias like external hard drive, remote backup service optical disk like CD, DVD etc.

Backing up of our data is an important aspect of securing our data from the unwanted data loss and disaster accidents. Sometimes we went for a holiday or out of home, we forget to backup our data or we don’t think of backing up of our data considering it a time consuming process which results in the loss of our valuable data and information.

Now with the growing progress in the field of technology we need not to worry about data loss because we have available data recovery software’s in the market. We would like to try and do some type of incremental replication. Selecting remarkable and valuable data recovery software is a great job to do.

Data Recovery Software recovers your lost files and folders by reconstruction of the data which is placed back into the original format. It can bring back files that you accidentally delete from your recycle bin. The goal of Data Recovery is perfection not losing a single byte of information. Using the Data Recovery Software you simply choose what you want to do, and the software does the work, with no technical knowledge required at all.

Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery has all the above features. This Non Destructive and Read-only software helps you to recover your data lost due to accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction, file deletion, directory deletion, unexpected shutdown, or even sabotage.

It is likely observed that when you act fast you will get the results as quickly as possible. So don’t wait until you lost your data, always make a backup of your data else make sure your data is safe and secure in the hands of data recovery experts.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to Control severe photo and Image Disaster

Photo and Image loss is one of the most devastating observations in this glamorous world. The use of digital cameras and photo capturing gadgets is scattering very rapid these days. Every one wants to capture beautiful memorable moment of their vacations, tours, family parties etc.

The reason behind the photographic hobbies is the real new technological gadgets like digital cameras which are fast and easy to use. These digital cameras are reliable and having a tremendous consistency in photography. The digital cameras are supposed to be the most secure and safest way storing data and image file. The storing capacity in these cameras is very large having more than 2GB expandable memory card.

The memory card is the soul of a digital camera which is responsible for storing photo and images after capturing them and automatically saved in the card inside the camera. You can save hundreds of photos and image file in these cameras and can transfer them into your personal computer for your future use.

There may be some auspicious occasions when you want to capture your photo with your newly digital camera. Accidentally you find that your camera is not responding to its normal functioning. You get panic and frustrating as the occasion passes without capturing any fine-looking moment.

There might be a number of reasons for your cameras not working like deletion or corruption may occur without your prior knowledge. The memory card inside the camera may become corrupted or failed to preview the images. Sometimes we try to be over smart and reformat our memory card every now and again.

Now the problem arises when we come across these disastrous situations we need to keep patience and keep our mind widely open. We should always keep an eye on our cameras physical as well as logical treat like water, dust, corruption and deletion.

In this technological world we have a number of solutions to recover the data loss and the best solution is Photo Recovery Software. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is designed to recover digital photo images from media that is logically damaged as well images that you may have purposely deleted from your storage media. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos from various memory cards.

This Photo recovery software can quickly restore still photos from major removable media like Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Casio, Kodak, Minolta and Konica. This software consists of very easy and friendly GUI (Graphical User interface) interface which facilitates a user to operate this software very easily. One of the major aspect of this software is that it Recover image files even if “Drives not detected” or “Drive not formatted”.