Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Unexpected Error 35012" When You Open a Database.

We store office work and everything in form of database. For maintaining database and creating them MS access is best software utility. As it is easy to use but sometimes when we try to open an existing Microsoft Access Database, you may get an error message:

“Unexpected error 35012”

Due to this error our database unexpectedly closes. Common cause of this error is corruption in the Microsoft Access Database or mdb file. They error may occur if the entire database is corrupted or some objects the particular database are corrupted. These corrupted objects may include one or more database forms of reports.

As Microsoft has provided compact and repair utility for repair the database and several other utility is form of patch to resolve this problem such as jet compact utility. One more method is importing the corrupted .mdb file or object in a new file. For importing corrupted database, you have to follow following steps:

  • Create a new Access database
  • In file menu, select Get External Data option
  • Select Import from Get External Data
  • Select all the database objects in the file and import in newly created database

If you get "Unexpected error 35012" when you import a specific object, try the 2nd step again. If you fail to import this time also, you will need to restore the corrupt object from backup.

But it helps only when your database is less corrupted. If it is critically corrupted then compact and repair utility or jet compact utility doesn’t help you. Even you can’t even import database. In case if you fail to import the database and you don’t have any backup, then you can’t repair your database using 3rd party access repair tools. In these situations, your entire database may become inaccessible. It may cause the worst circumstances of data loss.

In this critical situation, to repair your precious access database, you need for some special data recovery solutions. In this case, you can repair your access database with the help of Access Recovery software.

Access recovery softwares are the powerful data recovery programs that can search and locate your corrupted access database and can repair them. With the help of these Access recovery softwares, you can repair your access database along with the forms, reports, queries and macros associated with the database.

There is a wide range of access recovery software available. Among these softwares, stellar phoenix Access Recovery 3.0 is the safest and most powerful access recovery software. With the help of this Access Recovery software, you can repair access database in all file version of MS Access including 2003 and 2007. This software also provides better query recovery from the database.