Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Access 2003 Bug-Name AutoCorrect

As Years passes on, Microsoft released new version of Microsoft access. Every new version has some new features. One feature is Name Autocorrect. This feature introduced in access 2000 and now works in later version like access 2003. It tries to help users who rename a table field, so that queries, forms and reports automatically recognize the new field name. But like other features it is also buggy, incomplete and has a performance problem. If a database has the Name AutoCorrect feature enabled, users may experience a delay when they try to open database objects. If you have enabled “Name AutoCorrect” enabled then sometimes It causes Access to crash, therefore corrupting databases.

To repair this type of error you must turn off this feature. If there is any delay in performance then you have to clear all Name AutoCorrect Options. Then go to tool menu->options ->general tab>Name AutoCorrect. Now clear all the checkboxes which includes Track name, AutoCorrect info, Perform name AutoCorrect. In this way you can solve your performance issue. In worst case it causes access to crash and result in corrupt database then you have to do access repair. For this you need fully reliable access recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software can recover your access database and repair your important database files. It supports all version of Microsoft Access like Access 97, 2000, 2002/ XP, 2003 and 2007. It checks your access file for bugs, perform scan on your database file and fix those errors which cause database corruption. This software is user friendly and demo version previews all the repairable files.