Thursday, July 17, 2008

‘Read Only File System’ Error in Linux

Some files are read only files and sometime cause error messages on your screen of Linux based system which has been using dual boot procedure with Windows like operating system. When you try to mount the Linux partition, all may set well except the flash of the stated error message at the end of boot. The result of this is that you can’t do any modification or writing to your files and the system may also freeze forcing you to restart the system using hard boot.

This may create havoc for the users and the most relevant thing which the user thinks about is the data. This may create a thought in the user’s mind that whether he/she would need Linux recovery or not. So for finding out this, you need to know the reason for the same. Well the reason for this error message may be any one like:

• File system corruption • Incorrect unlock addresses for an LPC flash chip • Disk failure

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