Monday, August 18, 2008

Excel Chart Wizard Malfunction

This is the most comprehensive database application provided by MS to make you tables, charts and lists. All official work like maintaining employee’s records, performing calculations, maintaining business dealings or customer’s records like origin etc. and many more is performed on this. One of the most powerful feature of excel is its chart wizard which helps you to represent data in the form of charts making it more knowledgeable and effective to represent. A place where you have to represent you status or any records this feature plays an important role as everyone is interested in understanding the facts at a glance rather than reading the whole data.

But consider a situation when you open an excel chart (commonly called graphs) created by you and it shows behavior in contrast to your expectations. Then certainly you would discover your precious time spent on collecting information and editing it to make it represent able in charts, a complete wastage as now you are suffering from data loss. If any of your charts is missing you made or it is revealing some other information which is far away from your expectations then may it may be due to some data corruption which would have occurred either due to power failure, software damage or computer crashes.

Do you think this as the most unfortunate situation for you and your company when your important data is at the stake of corruption as you excel chart wizard has started malfunctioning? But actually there is nothing to be worry about.


Data corrupted in your charts can be repaired and can be brought back into action for further use with the surety of no information loss. The data represented in charts may possess the data related to organization present state, stock related information or future plans which can’t be lost at any cost.

But you can overcome from this drastic conditions by simply adopting excel repair software and ‘Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery’ software does the same with more ease and surety than any other. It recovers and restores your excel charts without actually modifying titles, types and formats of your charts. It uses effective algorithms which runs for all advanced versions of excel like: Excel 2000, Excel 2003, Excel XP etc.

It provides a user friendly interface without requiring much technical background and is very simple to handle.

This is the only one which has been developed considering all users’ requirements.