Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mac OS: Data Recovery In Case of Bad Sectors

Hard Disk is the storage device containing moving parts like motor which runs on various metallic platters, on which all of your data gets stored and can be retrieved as per the requirements. Data stored in a hard disk in particular sectors or drive write information on particular sector. Sometime these data write in a wrong boot sector or sector gets corrupted due to virus attack which makes that part into bad sector area. A bad Sector is that part of your hard disk that can’t be used anymore as it has now been flawed


This may happen due to some reasons like

-> Long use of hard drive

-> Collection of dust particles over it due to improper handling of hard disk and many more. General life of a hard disk is 3 years and its extra usage results into development of bad sectors. This not only wastes you hard disk memory but also becomes responsible for the data loss saved on that part.

An operating system detects the same bad sectors when it boots your system and it becomes a serious condition when it is running on MAC operating System as Mac continues to access even those sectors and doesn’t diagnose it as windows does. So this problem is problem is more critical in MAC operating system,

When Bad Sectors develops you may hear a ticking sound when a particular sector is accessed or you may see a read/write message flashing on your screen.


But the question arises what about the data on those parts which have now been declared as bad sectors? But there is the cure to it when some of your important data resides there and you are not in condition to loose it in the absence of backup.

Way To Recover

The above mentioned question can easily be answered and data can be recovered. Recovery is not an easy process until you have good recovery software. If you have good data recovery software which has specially been designed for MAC OS then we can easily recover lost data from HDD even from bad sectors.

Stellar Phoenix “Macintosh Data Recovery” developed by Stellar is doing a tremendous job in the same era. This data recovery Mac software recovers your file from any origin like may be multimedia file, library files or document files, which are first scanned from the hard disk and then recovered according to your choice. Raw data recovery and image forming is also there for recovering completely damaged files.