Friday, August 29, 2008

MAC: Not Able To See Content From CD or DVD

We store our critical information in hard drive which we move via other storage devices such as CD, DVD or USB storage drive. In Mac finder allows you to visually access practically everything on your Mac, including applications, hard disks, files, folders, and CDs. Let’s see what happen if you get following error messages:

· Does you finder finds nothing when you insert you CD or DVD on MAC?

· Is nothing is there even on your desktop?

· Don’t panic we have a solution.

What is Finder

Finder is the heart of your Mac. It provides access to files and folders, displays windows, and generally controls how you interact with your Mac. A finder is the default application which runs on MAC OS and MAC OS X and displays all the contents including you drives, files, folders, CDs , DVDs any many more i.e. a complete view of your system. It is the first software which the user encounters after booting his system on MAC and provides a user interface And if a finder finds nothing that means something is wrong with your operating system.. So if you find nothing displaying on that then may be your OS is corrupted and you need to re install it. This will sort out your problem.

How to save data in this scenario?

This is the biggest question that would arise when you face such kind of problems.

Will my data get lost forever? The data on which you may be working from since long time. Your company projects, your locked and saved files, your personal data etc.

Well the answer would be ‘NO’. You data are still in your hands and yes you can recover it even after reinstalling you operating system.

Mac Data Recovery Is the Solution

Data still resides on you hard disk when you delete data or accidentally deleted. It doesn’t get washed away with your OS until you overwrite it. Operating system deals with the hard ware of your system and when you try to retrieve you data it just passes the references to the data stored on the hard disk. But when you re install it references are not there but data is always there and all you need is to just recover it by adopting a suitable data recovery technique adopted by well developed data recovery Mac software.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software does the same. It scans your hard disk, finds previously existed partitions and recovers the required data at the most convenience. In addition to support to FAT, NTFS etc it also runs for all file systems including HFS and HFS+. Data recovered will get saved in new files from where you can easily retrieve it. This Mac data recovery works on advance algorithm to recover your accidentally deleted files.