Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Solve Network or Disk Error in Microsoft Access 2.0

Higher version of MS access has lots of new features which makes it user friendly. But sometime when we use Access 2002 with a data file on the network drive, your data may seem to disappear. You will see that access is still running but all the forms, queries, tables, etc are no longer listed in the database window and open forms no longer have any data in the fields and no longer function.

This is usually accompanied by a "Disk or Network Error" message or a message that the form cannot be found. One more situation is the database does not appear to be damaged and opens fine if you close and reopen Access. The user was able to open a network based .mdb file, but when you tried to click on a switchboard button they received the following error message: "Disk or network error." When you try to open an Access 2.0 database file in Microsoft Access 2000 or Access 2002, you may get this network error.

In this situation how you will workaround with this error. There are many resources that deal with this error; I can provide you some of them. It may possible that mdb file has many linked tables that were using a static network path. In this scenario we need to have the MS Office XP disk to install the 'Linked Table Manager'. Once this was installed, you can update all linked tables to use the UNC path and not the static path.

The problem can occur when the data source is opened under the Microsoft Internet Information Server. As Jet creates a temporary file when the engine is started so we have to check that the TMP/TEMP directories were set properly. Define a TMP or TEMP environment variable and assign the variable to an existing folder. Or you can install latest service pack of Microsoft jet 4.0 which fix this error. Sometimes this error may come due to database corruption, in this situation you need access recovery utility to repair your damaged database as Microsoft has been provided compact and repair utility but it has some limitation so it doesn’t work with every error.

Repair operation on Microsoft access cab operate by compact and repair utility but it will not help in this situation. So access database repair can be done with the help of special third party access repair softwares. You must use the best access repair utility as the databases provide a large source of information to most of the companies. Stellar Phoenix access recovery software is one of best utility available over internet to repair your critically damaged or corrupted database. It performs thorough scan of the damaged access files; rectifies and restores the Access files with their Tables, Queries, and Reports intact even it works on password protected file.