Monday, October 20, 2008

What To Do in Case Of Disk Boot Failure or Boot Sector Corrupt

Computer and Internet technology are most popular in these days and most of us are Windows users. So that the horror of corruption problems on a Windows OS becomes a part of computer uses. We store information in hard drive which is the building block of a computer system. It stores data and information at a very large extent. We all know the value of data which we store in our computers. If somehow the hard disk crashes or data get corrupted or deleted, it leads us in a panic position.

Once an early morning you want to work on your computer and you found that your computer is not working showing the error “disk boot failure” what does this mean exactly? You only see the black screen showing disk boot failure or your pc starts to hang or reboot. You try to insert Win XP (bootable) CD but it won’t able to install new XP on disk to access your hard disk and you feel like you have lost your data.

You have tried all the possible options for the past hour such as unhooking everything from the motherboard plugging it back in, changing boot priority settings in bios, swapping hard drives, completely taking out all the drives or each drive once at a time and nothing happens after that.

Basically disk failure means that your fat boot sector is corrupted or deleted and your computer can not find the operating system to boot from the windows operating system. There are various reasons that causes disk boot failure like

  • Boot options are not set properly in CMOS

  • All boot devices set are not bootable

  • Non bootable CD or CD-R in computer

First of all go into the bios and make sure the hard drive is being detected, also check the boot order to be sure it's listed prior to the network boot option. You need to verify that the boot options with in the CMOS are set properly. You can also go into the BIOS setting and check the configuration.

Finally if you could not resolve the problem and want to get back your data or recovery your hard drive, you can use partition or data recovery software to recover data from a boot sector that has been corrupted or deleted.

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Partition recovery tool is user friendly, nondestructive utility that helps user to restore its deleted useful data and information from virus infected or corrupted hard disk. Partition Recovery for Windows will help you if non-system partition is lost--you can boot Windows, install and run the software from under Windows Operating System.