Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Data Recovery from Failed Hard Disc Drive

Today we require high capacity storage device to store our important data. Every desktop PC, notebook, Laptop or server contains one more hard disk drive. Even mainframe and supercomputer connected through hundred of hard drives. Hard drive gives computers the ability to remember and permanent store the data when the power goes out. It is the primary storage location where data is permanently stored.

Inside a hard drive you can see platters, head actuator, head arms, etc. Hard drive connected with PC with help of ATA or SCSI cable. HDD controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, so any physical or logical damage leads to whole data loss and misleading your operating system.

Hard drive is a fragile device and damage in hard drive may affect that you will not able to boot your PC and make inaccessible your data and important information stored in PC or laptop. Just imagine, one of your partitions is crashed, and as there are some hardware errors, you don’t want to write to this hard disk any more. The main causes of hard drive corruption or boot disc failure are improper shutdown, virus attack, physical damage, malwares and bad sectors. Hard drive fails when you experience a non-system disk error due to BIOS is unable to locate hard drive sectors and master boot records.

You must take some precautions to avoid these problems. Never open hard drive cover, always use antivirus softwares to protect your PC and avoid from physical damage. Never close programs unexpectedly because data is written on the drives by one or more read/write heads that are designed to manipulate magnetic particles on the disk surface. Properly shutdown your PC or laptop after use. Hard drive failure may occur due to bad sectors is a sector on disk drive that can’t be used by drive due hard drive damage or virus attack. You can check for these sectors using CHKDSK and SCANDSK utility. Worst case is that after all precaution you suffer data loss or hard drive corruption due to theses bad sectors.

In this case of hard drive corruption you need professional data recovery help. To make usable these sectors you have to rewrite these data or re-write with zero filled data. This can be done using some data recovery software which can read data from bad sector and rewrite its sectors.

Stellar is a professional data recovery service provider in last decade. Stellar Phoenix data recovery software recovers your system files and hard drive data using strong algorithm. It search for partition and locate it for successful recovery. This software works on advance algorithm to perform recovery process and has lots of options.