Monday, September 29, 2008

Master Boot Record Failure or Partition table Causes Data Loss

In the world of mainframes and microchips everyone that uses a computer always know the value of data stored on the hard drive of a computer. Computer data is one the most precious assets and is a bigger part of our life than ever before.On an early morning you start your computer for your daily work unfortunately you found that your hard disk is not recognized by your OS until it was working quit fine since last night .you only hear the hard disk spinning and the pc fan, but get nothing more. You use your all knoppix and other methods to access your hard disk but all goes in vain.

In windows based operating systems the computer starts with a small program that is executed when a computer boots up. This program called Master Boot Record MBR which is fundamentally utilized to hold information about the structure and function of the disk including the location of saved data. These volumes contain machine codes responsible for the booting process of the computer and layers of separation called partitions. When this section of your pc gets corrupted or damaged you will probably get a reading Error message for the MBR.

It is likely that when your partition is damaged or corrupts due to virus attack, hard disk failure or corrupt partition table caused by the faulty manipulation of the Master Boot Record (MBR). A corrupt partition table will often result in loss of data and the inability to boot from a drive or the loss of access to a certain partition.

In various cases where access to an entire disk or partition is lost, is often caused by damage to Meta structures such as the MBR, Partition Tables or the Boot Sector of an individual partition.

Now the situation arises whether the data can be recovered from the corrupted MBR or partition table damaged?

Yes it can be recovered with help of Data Recovery software which is an ultimate solution to data loss when you experience a drive error. This powerful and easy to use tool will automatically checks and repairs the master boot record, partition table and any windows related error. Partition Recovery Software recover data lost after accidental formats, software corruption and virus problems or from formatted missing partitions supporting NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 file system.

This Software with advanced features recovers storage media including all, IDE, SATA, EIDE disk media and storage media and provides multi storage support to hard disks.

It has an enhanced recovery support to virus affected disk drives. Data Recovery is designed to restore files and folders when emptied recycle bin or content deleted permanently using shift+delete keys. It recovers your key files or directories folders which are lost, formatted or deleted. Corrupted MBR or MR is not the cause of worries, if you have this smart tool.