Monday, August 11, 2008

Unfortunately Deleted Critical File- File Recovery is The Solution

Have you ever working on a project all-night to complete it with in time and your computer crashes with out any information or signal. You obviously find yourself in the world of hell. We mainly store our data in files and folders using a unique storage media called hard disk which is the most secure and permanent storage media.

The data can be lost at any time even when we store them in a very secure environment like files and folders. The file loss may happen at the worst possible time resulting in the loss of our precious data and information. Sometimes the files lost due to human errors itself and system malfunctions can also contribute in the loss data and manual data recovery is not possible.

The risk of critical business data lost occurs when there are no backup plans for the data recovery and the lost of business productivity occurs. It could instantly take a small of medium size business from developed business operations to out of business in an instant.

In addition to the situation of hard disk crash you may also find you files deleted by accidental deletion, virus attack, power supply failure, disk corruption. In this situation what exactly brought about and eventually results in the loss of your precious files and data.

Now a day’s it becomes necessary for a computer user to recovery any file which may get deleted, but how it is possible?

File recovery is possible with the help of file recovery software because the files which are deleted still resides in the hard disk and only the operating system can not access these files as the address of the file has been deleted from the file system. Therefore it is possible that your data can be recovered with out any damage to your original data.

It is advisable that when a file is corrupted or deleted on a hard disk you always keep in mind that no more overwriting should be done to avoid further data loss.

The more work you continue to do on your computer after losing a file adds more and more information to the hard drive forcing the deleted file’s information to become more spread out and potentially irretrievable.

Data loss is very common, being caused by human error, viral attacks or natural or man-made disasters, but in nearly all file recovery cases the data can be recovered by a trained computer data recovery technician. Files Recovery offers several features that make it at least an interesting application to try.

Stellar Phoenix File Recovery provides recovery of deleted files and folders even after contents from the Recycle Bin have been emptied or Shift + Delete key has been used to delete data by mistaken. It can restore deleted files and data from formatted or corrupted partitions in various file systems: FAT, NTFS and others. Keep in mind that the data is recoverable because the information has not been deleted form the disk.