Monday, August 11, 2008

Data Loss Due To Floppy Diskette Controller ("FDC Error").

Computers are now used to perform functions and maintain data critical to many organizations. Businesses use computers to maintain essential financial and other business data. We can store data in floppy disk, CD/DVD drive, hard drive, pen drive etc. Maintaining the integrity of the stored data is essential to the proper functioning of these computer systems, and data corruption can have serious (even life threatening) consequences.

Floppy disk is one of the major storage devices for safe data transfer and storage. Data transfer to and from a floppy disk is controlled my device called Floppy diskette controller. Normally these FDC devices works fine with computers. It may happen due to malfunction or improper handling of theses devices make FDC defective. Defective Floppy Diskette Controllers ("FDCs") creates dysfunction and an undetected data error causes data corruption and, more particularly.

Theses dysfunction can occur under some conditions such as connection with the instant invention by identifying conditions that can delay data transfer to or from the diskette drive. In general, this requires that the computer system be engaged in "multi-tasking" operation or in overlapped input/output ("I/O") operation. Multi-tasking is the ability of an OS to simulate the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks. Data writing occur due to spinning of diskette, it is necessary for the FDC to provide data to the diskette drive at a specified data rate. Otherwise, the data will be written to the wrong location on the diskette and cause dysfunction of FDC. One drawback of FDC’s cannot detect a data under run on the last byte of a diskette read or write operation which occur on last byte of sector and result is that incorrect data is written to the diskette and validated by the FDC.

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