Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Completely Erase Data before Recycling Bank’s Computer

The computers used in banks should be of high performance as they have to perform several queries at the same time of different customers. Generally they replace the old computers with newer and recycle the older. Most often, they denote their computer to some charities or schools or they resell them. It is the most important point of time where they should think of the private and confidential information stored on their computers.

If the data stored on computer hard drive has been deleted or the drive is formatted, it is not a safe removal and the sensitive information still can be misused. Malicious users can recover the data with the help of data recovery software.

In order to completely remove the data from your hard drive, you need to wipe it. Wiping is the process that overwrites the existing data beyond the possibilities of data recovery. You can wipe hard drive with the help of special drive wipe software……

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