Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Data Loss in Deleting KEXT files in Mac OS

KEXT files in Mac OS are Kernel extensions and are not protected by Mac OS memory protection. So it is highly recommended to stay away from these files in order to prevent any wrong operation with Mac OS extension folder. But due to human nature it’s quite an obvious thing that he/she makes mistakes and accidentally deletes one or more KEXT files. airport.kext and airport2.kext are two of such files which support many functions to the wireless networking device of Macintosh called airport. If the user deletes these files or any of such files accidentally, then it could be a big trouble to the users. In this case, using the Mac’s restore discs to fix the files will be of no use and the only option is to reinstall the operating system that would definitely restore all your system files.

More problems could come up if you have not backed up all you relevant data before reinstalling the OS and further need of data recovery Mac may arise in case of any violation to back up.

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