Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catch-up your hard drive failure before it happens

Hard drives tend to speed for so many years as they keep running for many years without any problem but premature failures do happen at any time. Basically hard drives are mechanical, active devices and are subject to comparatively rapid breakdown. However your hard drives appear to be functioning quit well but when these drives fails or crashes it would be a painful and time consuming exercise.

It is a mere chance that many business persons and individuals do backup their files on random basis but when a hard disk fails before any backup precautions it really causes loss of business productivity and personal loss.

It is often seen that a hard is case sensitivity and tends to fail at any time, the drive's heads which read the information float a micron above the platters which hold the data, and when a drive is subjected to a large amount of vibration, the heads can be offset, causing the most literal version of a crash.

Therefore we need to made special precautions before any hard drive failure happens like:

# Regularly backup your data to avoid any data loss.

# Don’t expose your hard drive on extreme temperature.

# Don’t Install any new software with out anti-virus installed on the system

# Always scans all incoming data for viruses, including packaged data.

# Never tries to change the partition or format the data with out any technical knowledge.

# Shutdown your computer as fast as possible if you finds anything wrong with your computer and don’t continue to power up because it may cause more damage.

# Don’t attempt to recover data your on severely traumatized drives.

# Handle a hard disk drive with caution, minor shock such as dropping the disk can be disastrous.

# Atlast if you fall a prey to any hard drive crash or failure call a recommended data recovery or hard drive recovery expert.

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