Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cause of File System Corruption in Slax-Improper Use of USB Key

Data Loss Issues or File System Corruption in Slax Due to Improper Use of USB Key

Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast Linux operating system with a modular approach and outstanding design. Slax 6 is offered in a single version, and completely relies on modules (additional packages) for extra features. Slax in Linux CD based or USB based operation system which we don’t need to install. We can use it using CD or USB. It totally depend on it modules. If we don’t have text editor or image editor then not to worry because we can download modules or additional packages called Slackware. No need to install these packages, just copy it and run from destination.

Slax has small size but it gives a wide range of softwares and pre installed additional software packages which make our work quite easy. Best feature is that it’s free for everyone. Slax works faster if we are using USB over CD. But if we are using old version then it might be slow because it takes time to read from old devices. Use of right USB key, you can make your work faster. One more beneficial feature of Slax is it is predisposed with own recovery tool, so in case of data loss you can recover data using this tool.

Even it has lots of good feature but sometime accidentally data loss happens and we may loose our important data. For this we must have some precaution and must know the common reason for data loss in Slax. Virus attack or accidental deletion of data can leads to data corruption and missing data. Use of wrong USB key or unplugging USB without shut down the Slux may cause data loss or interrupting write operation of Slux. If you don’t took precaution then it can leads from simple data loss to file system corruption. It may possible predisposed Linux recovery software doesn’t able to help you to recover your data. In this situation you need some powerful Linux recovery software which can fix file system corruption and recover your lost data.

You can fix it use of this command “dosfsck -wa /dev/hdb1(Your Partition Name)”. It may helps you and if it doesn’t help you then try Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Linux utility which will definitely recover your data or partition and fix file system corruption issues. This software works on advance algorithm to fix the errors, it scan boot sector and bad sector of hard disk and recovers data from that portion of hard disk. This recovery Software recovers lost files or folders from damaged or corrupt Linux Ext2, Ext3 and Reiser FS volumes.