Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Damaged Jet 4.0 database files Recovery

Sign of damaged or corrupted Jet database in access can range from inability to access any object to deletion of whole record. For fixing this type of problem MS access provide us Jet 4.0 service pack and compact and repair utility. Jet 4.0 fix problems like “invalid argument error when you tried to create link table using ADO” or double appearance of oracle integer files and performance problems during run of pass arguments. As Jet 4.0 database make easy our work but it also has some limitation.

This type of problem can be fix by Jet 4.0 database engine rollup. If still your Jet database is corrupted then through Microsoft compact and repair utility you can recover your Jet database file. Procedure to recover Jet database file:

· Install latest version of Jet database.

· Take back up of MDB file and close this MDB..Further Reading