Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recover Macros From MDE File Using MDB Database

Macros are define as a set of predefined action which perform a number of the common tasks same as Visual Basic code to perform in MDB file. As MDB and macro has some limitations so we prefer module and MDE files over macros and MDB file. Now we should know about MDE files. MDE file format allow you to limit database users from modifying database application that make your data more secure

We can ease our work by converting a MDE file to MDB file. MDE file has some limitaions, although it protects your application from modification or theft, If you want modify your MDE file then you must convert in MDB files. In process of converting MDB to MDE file we lost our macro. We always recommend you to make backup of your MDB file before converting it into MDE files. Sometimes you get common error messages

Microsoft Access can’t find the database file ‘.MDB.’ Make sure you entered the correct path and file name.”..

To get rid from these errors we'll discuss followings steps..

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