Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hard Drive Not Detected:Crashing of Disk Drive

Computer takes a big revolution in our life. It becomes essential part of our life. We are totally dependent on PC and data stored in it. Let’s think one morning, you are trying to boot your system again and again but it shows error “hard disk not detected”. You used your all efforts to start your computer but all goes in vain.

This can be possible in case of your hard disk is crashed or corrupted. When ever you start your computer your hard disk make some clicking sound or it is no longer recognized by the BIOS of the machine. The clicking sound indicates either corrupt firmware or head crash.

In situation of failing hard drive or crashed many people try to open the drive and start repairing it themselves. This is a biggest mistake which should be avoided because the internal components of a hard disk are very fragile and susceptible to dust, scratches and corrosion.

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