Monday, March 30, 2009

Not to be a Victim of Data Recovery

Let’s talk about the time just before data loss. Have you taken relevant steps so that you would not be a victim of Data Loss? Suppose your hard drive crashes just now do you have any further plans to move on. It is said that only taking backup or shadow copy of data is sufficient to prevent data loss. If you are one of them people you could be wrong here. Don’t move towards data loss. Only taking the backup is not always sufficient it would be better if you rely on a schedule backup like every week.  

First of all you must calculate upon the requirement and the significance of data. The data you have planned to be shadow copied must be of your importance. The criteria mustn’t have a loophole so that a single byte wouldn’t get destroyed. 

Every is supposed to set intervals of backup according to its importance and usability. If the data is really important to you we suggest you to take back up at the end of the day. So that if the hard drive crashes just now you would be having the data safe in your hands.  

Data can be lost during the improper shut down of your system. So we suggest you to shut your computer down properly at the end of the day or after finishing your tasks.  

Keep your system updated with anti-virus. Make sure that you have updated your system with the latest versions of persisting anti-virus. So that your computer can be saved from any kind of virus attacks or Trojan attacks which are the major causes of data loss or data corrupt.  

You should also keep you systems clean so that there wouldn’t be any possibility of IC fuse and dust could not affect your computer. This would surely help you out in keeping your data safe and long lasting for further use. This also increases life and performance of your system. 

To help you in keeping your data safe and if you don’t want fire to crash it or burn it into ashes the best thing you can do is to install smoke detectors. It will not cost you much and gives you surety of data safety at a great extent. It will automatically detect fire smoke and will prevent your system to be caught by fire flames.  

If you feel that your system by mistake is wet or if you notice some drops on it don’t start the computer until it is dried with the help of a drier or a blower. 

These points must help you in preventing data loss. You can avoid 30% chances of the data loss situations.